Court AGAIN Tomorrow

By:  Diane Benjamin

The saga continues tomorrow at 2:00 – Courtroom 5C.  The attorneys for CIAM filed some last minute documents, probably hoping for another delay.  I really appreciate the support from citizens who took time out to attend hearings.  Come tomorrow if you can – it could get interesting.  I’d love to see a packed courtroom!

Another settlement agreement failed last week.  If the judge rules tomorrow to proceed with a hearing, it will still leave a big issue open.  I’m going to wait to discuss it until later.

Remember, the City of Bloomington decided not to fight my right to the documents MANY months ago.

That has to make people wonder:  What is CIAM hiding?  They are the only ones left fighting against transparency and releasing what I need to see if taxpayers were paid according to the contract.  Since John Butler can no longer use taxpayer money to keep fighting, this has to be costing him a fortune.

I wonder if what I find will cost him even more?

Taxpayers will never know unless I win.



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