Attorney General & the Coliseum

By:  Diane Benjamin I wrote previously about filing a Request for Review with the Illinois Attorney General.  Coliseum Management is refusing to comply with a Freedom of Information Act Request.  Details here: As the Council considers spending another $2,510,00 on the less than 10 years old Coliseum, they need to consider how Central Illinois […]

Coliseum: $2,510,000 !!!

By:  Diane Benjamin The audited financial statements for the Coliseum show a loss last year before depreciation of $782,945: I predict losses this year will be much greater because very few events have been held.  The 3rd Quarter statement prepared by CIAM has not been issued yet – the Quarter ended on January 31st. […]

Bloomington Budget – HR and Legal

By:  Diane Benjamin The retirement of the HR Director last year, and the payout for accumulated sick days, appears to be in Benefits – 2015. The outsourced legal expenses appear to be in Contractual.  It’s all money sent outside of Bloomington for legal work. Details included in Book 1 may explain more if you want […]

Bloomington: Roads are no priority!

By:  Diane Benjamin Book 1 of the Bloomington Budget has some conflicting information for proposed spending on roads: The Motor Fuel Tax receipts from the new tax last year was supposed to be spent on roads. According to this page – only $2,000,000 is in the budget for road repairs (Page 289).  Last year $9,330,000 […]

Government Center-What you might not know

By:  Diane Benjamin The information below is included in Book 1 of the Bloomington budget: The amount included in the budget is also shown.  I believe the Bloomington Election Commission is also housed here, but they aren’t mentioned below.  

Bloomington Budget: Police/Fire

By:  Diane Benjamin See Book 1 of the Budget here: I have to congratulate Bloomington for putting together a readable budget.  It contains lots of details and easy to read charts.  Yesterday I posted the Administration Budget, I will be posting others later. Police and Fire are two departments essential to citizens.  Below is […]