Court tomorrow 9:00 am UPDATE

The judge ruled the City of Bloomington has to pay my court costs – $271.  She did not make them pay all the incidental costs I incurred.

Botton Line:  The City of Bloomington was found guilty of violating the Freedom of Information Act.  


By:  Diane Benjamin

If you are downtown tomorrow morning, come by the Law and Justice Center at 9:00.  Court will be on the 4th floor.

It should have been a simple day, but I filed contempt charges against the City last week for failure to comply with the judges’ order to turn over documents.  Maybe if the court was packed the judge would hold the City accountable for failure to follow her orders.

Normally, it’s just the judge, a clerk, me, and a lawyer for the City.

The City had 14 days from January 28th, I’m still waiting.

We will see tomorrow if laws matter to anybody but us.


16 thoughts on “Court tomorrow 9:00 am UPDATE

    1. Money spent to prove the “Rule of Law” is more than just a pretty lie that you tell your kids to believe in…that is a waste of time and resources? Really?

      According to the Judge, the people who wasted (lol….duh!) time and resources are located at City Hall.

      For some reason, I’m betting you won’t push a single button on that keyboard of yours to troll THEM, but in case I am wrong, here’s some email addresses:

      Good luck, and thanks for playing.


  1. By the way, did the Pantagraph ever give you any print for winning this case? I sure didn’t see that mentioned anywhere in the recent “Renner/Blogger” hit pieces they ran.


      1. They won’t mention it. They won’t mention anything relative to the truth in the name of the people unless it is mindless fodder, then you’d better check your sources. Their mission is to keep their paycheck coming by towing the line for the establishment fat cats, the elite as they think that they are. Pawns. Useful idiots.


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