The Climate Change Hoax – Part 2

by diane Benjamin If you missed Part 1: “There are ominous signs that the earth’s weather patterns have begun to change dramatically and that these changes may portend a dramatic decline in food production. . .after three quarters of a century of extraordinary mild conditions, the earth’s climate appears to be cooling down.” “The […]

The Climate Change Hoax – Part 1

by:  Diane Benjamin How many billions (trillions?) have been spent around the globe to supposedly fight global cooling in the 70’s, then global warming  and now just climate change?  When have you ever seen a debate among scientists or meteorologists?  The answer is NEVER. Anybody who questions the reality of climate change or opposes the massive taxpayer dollars being thrown […]

Why the Founding Fathers Matter

December 26th, 2012 by Tom DeWeese It has become typical in school text books, in public discussions, and in the smug wisdom of Progressives, to diminish the words and actions of those who led the founding of the United States. However, now that the nation has gone through what Al Gore called a “wrenching transformation” away […]

Obama Administration: We Can and Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith

( – In a legal argument formally presented in federal court in the case of Hobby Lobby v. Kathleen Sebelius, the Obama administration is claiming that the First Amendment—which expressly denies the government the authority to prohibit the “free exercise” of religion—nonetheless allows it to force Christians to directly violate their religious beliefs even on […]

Fly on the Wall – Obummer

Heard from a reliable source:  The Obama Campaign was terrified of Herman Cain.  They successfully smeared him with made up charges, but they did worse.  Mr Cain had a scheduled speech in the Chicago suburbs.  Someone in the Obama camp posed as  a Cain contact to set up 5-8 different meetings with blacks in Chicago on the same day.  When Cain did not appear,  it was used […]

Cheers to the Pantagraph

by:  Diane Benjamin Not sure that’s ever been the headline before, but once again the Pantagraph revealed their liberal leftist agenda.  They get credit for sticking to their principles so nobody gets confused.  In today’s paper, they cheered the publishing of gun owners names and addresses in the NY newspaper.  They believe Illinois should give them the ability to […]

Fracking pays City bills in Colorado

Technology is driving America’s oil boom Higher prices at the pump have led oil companies to invest in better technology, allowing them to get more oil out of the ground, raising oil production in the U.S. 25 percent since 2008. It is expected to jump another 30 percent by the end of this decade. Ben […]

2nd Amendment Rights!

Boy Uses Dad’s AR-15 to Shoot Invader Off-Duty Female Sgt. Lisa Castellano De-arms Gunman At Movie Theater After He Shot A Man In The Chest ‘Polite’ burglar offers to trade items with people he robbed Carjacker Killed By Gun Permit Holder Would-be home invader killed Gun Owner Kills Burglar If you need more […]

Go Off the Cliff

by:  Diane Benjamin No matter what happens, the GOP is going to be blamed.  What they do is immaterial to the truth.  Harry Reid today said they have no conscience.  Reid fails to mention the bills he has on his desk the House passed, but he fails to bring up for debate.  I thought the country […]

Fathers disappear from households across America

Big increase in single mothers Nicole Hawkins‘ three daughters have matching glittery boots, but none has the same father. Each has uniquely colored ties in her hair, but none has a dad present in her life. As another single mother on Sumner Road decked her row-house stoop with Christmas lights and a plastic Santa, Ms. Hawkins recalled that her […]

What the Media Did Shocked Us!

By Editor-in-Chief on December 22, 2012 Although we expected the liberal media to be in the tank for Barack Obama and his fellow liberals during the election, even ICE News was shocked by the blatant, over-the-top leftist bias of the press. Think about it! Think about the “critical issues” the liberal media elites tried to make this election […]

Government as Santa

By JOSEPH G. LEHMAN | Dec. 25, 2012 | (Editor’s note: A version of this commentary appears in the Winter 2011 issue of Impact, the Mackinac Center’s quarterly newsletter.) Why is it that most people eventually abandon the idea of Santa Claus … and yet so many never abandon belief in an omnipotent government? Santa Claus is magic. His […]

New Study Finds Democrats Fully to Blame for Subprime Mortgage Crisis that Caused 2008 Financial Disaster

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, December 22, 2012, 9:48 AM  In his early activist days, Barack Obama the community organizer sued banks to ease lending practices. State Sen. Barack Obama and Fr. Michael Pfleger led a protest against the payday loan industry demanding the State of Illinois to regulate loan businesses in January 2000. During his […]

Six Reasons to Say No to Local Historic Districts

By L.M. Schwartz 1. More Regulation! Despite the opinions of all the “experts”, Historic Districts are simply another scheme for government control of private property, and despite all the slick reassurances and arguments to the contrary, Historic Districts are another layer of bureaucracy. Property owners are told the Architectural Review Board or the Historic District Commission […]

Read before you see new Matt Damon film!

The Meyers Report: The Promised Land? For the first time ever, we are looking at a new movie to be released on December 28th. The Promised Land, starring Matt Damon, who also was supposed to be the director, but Damon turned it over to Gus Van Sant. The Promised Land, has a clearly “anti-fracking” theme. […]

Local Legislators: Getting your money’s worth?

by:  Diane Benjamin According to the state Comptroller’s website: Salary paid through 11/30/2012 Dan Brady  $75,123.95   (annual: $81,953.40) Bill Brady  $77,382.03  (annual:  $84,416.76) Keith Sommer  $68,355.10 (annual: $74,569.20) GARS = General Assembly Retirement System This information was obtain under the Freedom of Information Act: Dan Brady has served 11 years and 11 months.  He has […]

Halesville and his Arrogancey, Mayor Gottstocks

by: Stanley Wonders A committee, is a culde sac down which you drag an idea where it is quietly strangled at the end. Yet here in Halesville, City Council committees are proposed – no, I think, commanded is a better word – by his Arrogancey, Mayor Gottstocks. Even so far beneath the radar screen, the a fore mentioned Mayor announced his plans during “alderman’s discussion” […]

Communist Democrats: Little Blue Book

The subtitle of this book is: “The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic”.  The first page is “Praise” for the book with quotes from Robert Reich, Van Jones, and George Soros.  All have expressed the desire to end capitalism and “Fundamentally Transform” America.  Since Van Jones is a self-proclaimed communist, the direction they want is […]

The Fracking Lies

The anti-fracking crowd wants you to believe fracking contaminates water forever.  Here’s a company in Wisconsin handling that problem.  Ask them what energy they want used?  Why can’t our own resources be used? Tech and Biotech: AquaMost makes a move December 15, 2012 4:00 pm  •  JUDY NEWMAN | Wisconsin State Journal | [email protected] | AquaMost, a Madison company […]

Other Money Normal WILL vote to spend tonight

From the meeting packet: Motion to Waive the Formal Bidding Process and Accept Quotes Totaling $88,609.02 from Dell For the Purchase of Computer Equipment So much for getting local bids. DKMallon Cost Proposal  Grocery Feasibility Study Fact Finding Review $ 3,500.00 Market Assessment/Analysis $ 7,200.00 Site Evaluation $ 4,500.00 Report of Findings $ 1,000.00 Proforma/Site […]

The Fly – McDade Opens meeting Act?

Funny how the City of Bloomington has 2 Open Meetings Act violations pending against them, but Jennifer McDade (City Council member) doesn’t seem too worried. Jennifer was so not worried, she filed one of her own against the Bloomington Election Commission.  How much is a lawyer costing Jennifer, for a job that pays $5000?  Is […]