Go Off the Cliff

by:  Diane Benjamin

No matter what happens, the GOP is going to be blamed.  What they do is immaterial to the truth.  Harry Reid today said they have no conscience.  Reid fails to mention the bills he has on his desk the House passed, but he fails to bring up for debate.  I thought the country was crying for compromise and debate.  With Obama and Reid leading the Democrats, compromise isn’t going to happen.   Democrats want tax increases on the rich and no spending cuts, they will force the Republicans to concede, or they will vilify them.   The media will spout Obama talking points so the low information voters understand its the GOP’s fault taxes went up..

President Obama and the rest of the Democrats aren’t interested in doing what’s best for the country.  Most Americans realize the recession never ended with growth rates below 2 percent and actual unemployment much higher than the reported 7.7%.  The labor force participation rate has dropped dramatically since 2009. http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS11300000  Many people gave up looking for work.  President Obama has done nothing to promote growth, jobs, or energy independence (unless it’s throwing money away on green energy).  He has done nothing to promote the private sector, instead he passes hundred of regulations a day to cement his power.  ObamaCare taxes will kick in and increase taxes further, his plan for massive carbon regulations will as well.

Obama was reelected by slightly over 50% of the population.  Those voters need to understand what they voted for, all they know is free cell phones, free health care, long term unemployment insurance, and food stamps.  These freebies require high taxes.  Taxing the rich will fund the government for less than 1 month.  Of course the low information voters don’t know that.  It’s time they feel pain too.  No more unemployment tax extensions. They need to pay higher payroll and income taxes. They need to be cut off from huge tax refunds when they didn’t pay in.  They need to quit receiving redistributed wealth.

The Federal Reserve continues to print money, devaluing the dollar further. Interest rates will rise someday because of the Obama massive deficits and money printing. Inflation will eat whatever is left of 401K accounts, but public sector union members will still expect their over-promised pensions.

The rest of us are still screwed, but that’s just business as usual for politicians who care more about power than the country.  The Supreme Court passed on defending liberty, we have no one looking out for us.

We can always blame Bush.

What will happen is this:

The GOP will cave to all the Democrat plans.  Taxes will go up for the rich and stay the same for everybody else.  Spending will still be out of control.  $16.4 Trillion of debt will continue to rise.  Our children’s future will be bleak.  Life for the low information voter will go back to taking as much from government as possible.  The media will be entirely complicit in our destruction.  Funny how some people can still call themselves Democrats while watching us turn into Greece.  The JFK Democrats no longer exist.

Happy New Year!

By the way, the wind turbines east of  Bloomington aren’t turning again.  Funny how they actually require wind.

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