Normal’s latest give-aways

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday night: 1) 1404 Fort Jesse – the property Normal has been paying property taxes on they don’t owe. On the agenda is to sell the prime property to Laura Dolan for $25,000 plus paying the 2019 property taxes.  The assessed value is $90,000.  The Town had previously sold the property […]

What you get when good people don’t run and the rest don’t vote Systematic racism does not exist in America as proven above.  There are individual incidents that require the law to hold all accountable.  We are a nation of laws not knee- jerk reactions to move an agenda forward. This is the same guy wanting dangerous criminals released from the County jail so they don’t get […]

Punting to a Tyrant

By:  Diane Benjamin Somewhere I heard it stated:  Illinois will open when the people want it to open.  Your elected officials aren’t going to help, they are bowing before Pritzker’s tyrannical rule. The County Board debated for two hours last night.  Peoria and the other cities who put together the HOI plan have all backed […]

The Illinois People’s Action Hypocrites

By:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois People’s Action website only shows two staff – Don Carlson and Dawn Dannenbring: They are married to each other. IPA members are not afraid to call themselves Democratic Socialists.  Socialism has never worked anywhere, here is the proof it doesn’t even work for the locals: That is a screen […]

Update:  County Board – 5:30 today

No decisions were made.  After almost two hours of many thinking they have the right to violate the rights of people and businesses, a motion was made to table.  Some republicans voted with the Democrats not to make a decision. Meanwhile, the surrounding states are open. ______________________ By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington and Normal have no […]

Uptown News (some additions/changes to the original)

By:  Diane Benjamin This plaque will be dedicated at 10:00 am Saturday on the Normal Plaza.  When City Hall moved years ago they didn’t move the existing plaque with them.  The American Legion decided to leave that one and install a new one: I hear Chris Koos and Dan Brady will be making comments.  Commander […]

Connect Transit doesn’t need a fare increase – they got $9 Mil

By:  Diane Benjamin Scroll to PDF page 31 below.  You will see this: The “Cares Act” is just another cute name for “We Don’t Care How Much We Spend”. As reported in this story: In April Connect lost a little more than usual.  That $9,179,551 the feds showered on Connect will make up for […]

Starkly Different Biblical views

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night’s Bloomington City Council meeting was over 3 hours, it included a Township meeting that started at 5:00.  The longest discussion was about the Community Development Block Grant funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Stop for a second and think about this program.  The Feds take your money […]

Arena hits just keep on coming

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll for tonight: Coliseum expenses: The first entry is for bills Bloomington paid that VenuWorks needs to reimburse  – all the rest are coming out of taxpayers pockets: I don’t remember ever seeing a check written for loan payments, usually they do wire transfers: $795,000 was paid in principal […]

Bloomington tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin Delayed because of Memorial Day, tonight’s meeting starts with a Proclamation against gun violence: See the whole document Renner will probably read on PDF page 11.    Note the last 3 words above.  Gun violence isn’t caused by guns, the person holding the gun is the problem.  We don’t value unborn life […]

What about the money Bloomington owes VenuWorks?

By:  Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington has been paying VenuWorks $4,999.98 sporadically since 2016, payments are marked loan principle.  This story says why: The short version:  VenuWorks paid John Butler (CIAM) for equipment at the Coliseum.  The City is reimbursing them for that purchase.  The total was $299,999, no interest, payments over 5 […]

Tari caught on Hot Mic

By Diane Benjamin h/t a reader City councils are supposedly non-partisan.  We all know they aren’t.  Everybody needs to quit pretending many of the local elected aren’t playing party politics instead of what is best for it’s citizens. Bloomington’s mayor Tari Renner proves that point.  I wonder if he is teaching this crap to his […]

If you want one of these signs . . . .

Two people left comments to the story saying where they are available: 1) Donnells in Pontiac is making/selling them for $10/ea 2) Roy Wraps at at Central Image Wraps had the signs available on April 30 and posted this ad on News Happening…  (Facebook page) 18 x 24″ yard sign…INCLUDES A YARD STAKE… only $20 […]

Remember Normal’s Energy Audit?

By:  Diane Benjamin This story is from April 21, 2020: The story proves Normal’s claim of being environmentally friendly is false.  To be labeled an Energy Star building it must be rated at least 75, 11 Uptown on rated 43.  The rating is based on energy consumption as compared to other like buildings.  That […]

UPDATE: What the media didn’t tell you

Pritzker is judge shopping in Federal Court.  He is attempting to transfer Darren Bailey’s Clay County case.  Bailey filed against the move, his lawyer believes the Feds will refuse and the case will be decided in Clay County – just not today. By:  Diane Benjamin Rep Darren Bailey was tossed out of the House meeting […]

The County vote sets up the November Election

By:  Diane Benjamin The McLean County Board is meeting at 5:30 next Thursday to vote on supporting the HOI re-open plan. The purpose of the shutdown was to “bend the curve”.  There was no “curve” locally but the destruction to the lives of McLean County residents has been beyond measurable. Democrats want to take over […]

Pritzker folds

The Illinois department of Public Health repealed Pritzker’s Emergency Rule today. See the SHORT video on the Edgar County Watchdogs website: Other media sources are reporting the members were deluged with angry calls and emails from citizens.  This repeals the fine and jail time for not obeying the king.  The meeting start time was […]

Why brush is on the street

By:  Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Bloomington taxpayers are forced to pay the City for hauling garbage, recycling, and brush.  There is no competition so service can be whatever the City decides it is, and they got the Council to pass automatic increases to spare the embarrassment of taking votes. The situation below is not […]

More on Normal’s Property Taxes they don’t owe.

By:  Diane Benjamin Follow-up to this story: On May 6th when that story was written both the Adelaide property and the empty lot on Ft. Jesse were labeled taxable on the McLean County Assessor’s website.  Ft. Jesse still is, Adelaide has finally been changed.  Evidently Normal will continue to pay property taxes on an […]

Important! – Don’t miss this one: The rest of Normal’s fleece

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal Mayor Chris Koos was nominated by Sen Dick Durbin to the Amtrak Board of Directors.  Amtrak and Koos are a perfect fit.  It does mean that Koos can no longer participate in discussions about building an underpass since all decisions involve Amtrak.  See PDF page 5: Amtrak will be paying […]

Normal: No right or wrong answers?

By:  Diane Benjamin The next election can’t come fast enough because all but one of the elected officials are not working for the people in Normal.  Covering last night’s meeting is going to take more than one story.  Start with Trustee comments at the end of the meeting. Chemberly Cummings lectured the public on wearing […]

Resignation letter only a few saw

By:  Diane Benjamin I wrote this story about the McLean County Nursing Home in April: It recaps what I knew at the time about the long time administrator resigning.  Yesterday I finally received my FOIA.  It contained the resignation letter submitted by Cindy Wegner. As stated in the previous article, the County Health Committee […]

Take Action Now: Tyrant Pritzker!

By:  Diane Benjamin Dictator Pritzker is playing politics while Illinois burns.  It is obvious now the shutdown in Illinois was never about bending the curve.  It is about trashing the economy in hopes of a huge bailout while crushing small businesses and people deemed non-essential. Congratulation democrats – you elected a dictator.   Proof:  Raising taxes […]

UPDATE:  Normal – Just Can’t Say No

If course they didn’t say NO.  Details tomorrow. By:  Diane Benjamin The big item on the agenda tonight is this: Did you have flooding this weekend?  There were videos on line showing nearly impassable streets in Normal, evidently that’s not unusual. Instead of essential services at a time when revenues are way down and […]

Is Pritzker making money off COVID?

By:  Diane Benjamin This story is all over Facebook.  Since all of you aren’t on Facebook, I NEED to post it. This is just one source reporting, the media might be forced to report: Illinois: Governor Pritzker backed companies profiting off of COVID-19 Pritzker owns a company that makes and sells tests Pritzker owns […]

Koos: Different rules for us

By:  Diane Benjamin Since the media isn’t interested in holding tyrannical dictators accountable, I must keep posting Mayor Koos taunting protesters.  This picture speaks volumes about him and his buddies on the Council – the PLAN is the only thing that matters, not you. But there is more: A guy name Josh Favus is Koos’ […]