Update:  County Board – 5:30 today

No decisions were made.  After almost two hours of many thinking they have the right to violate the rights of people and businesses, a motion was made to table.  Some republicans voted with the Democrats not to make a decision.

Meanwhile, the surrounding states are open.


By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington and Normal have no interest in re-opening shuttered businesses unless Pritzker grants the authority.  Pritzker has no authority, but both Koos and Renner cower in fear of their beloved tyrant.

That doesn’t mean the rest of the County can’t open.  That is what the County Board will decide tonight.  Let’s see who squeals about people dying while death is very real for people losing businesses they worked decades to build.

Part of the agenda for this special meeting:


See the entire packet here:    https://www.mcleancountyil.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/7301

The HOI Plan is detailed beginning on PDF page 7.


HOI excerpt

You could be dining INSIDE very soon.  There are lots of lovely restaurants in the area, Koos and Renner don’t want you in theirs.

This vote will prove who (and what party) represents citizens and local businesses and who doesn’t think you are smarter enough to run your own life.  Remember the results in November.

If you want to watch the meeting LIVE, it should be available here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM0lU0VsDktsIwreZQMCnXQ


12 thoughts on “Update:  County Board – 5:30 today

    1. I can’t say for sure, but based on past experience, there’s a simple explanation. The advisory council is stacked with ‘pro shutdown’ people. Businesses that are open anyway, businesses that have deep pockets and are happy to wait for their competition to go bankrupt, businesses that know they are on the town’s ‘winners’ list so they’ll get Some kind of perks to make sure they don’t go under. There will be a few ‘pro reality’ seats at the table to give an illusion of fairness, but in the end, the final vote will be to reinforce Koos’ anti-taxpayer, anti-business, anti-everyday-citizen policies.
      He just wants an ‘outside source’ he can point to as justification for whatever it is he’s already decided to do.

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  1. IL is ranked as the most restrictive state already. Keeping Illinois locked down while every other state is opening is going to drive business and jobs out a faster rate. We did this to ourselves, we voted these people in.

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  2. The bad news is, the Health Department Administer, Jessica White whose credentials are in public relations not in infectious disease, is recommending to NOT open or join the HOI. She fears the repercussions from Pritsker and claims McLean County cannot handle an increase in positive cases. BroMenn alone has 34 ICU beds. At any given time since the lockdown, there have been 4-6 people in ICU. Joining HOI would allow all of the hospitals in the coalition to share and transfer resources as needed if pockets of COVID breakouts occur. These people are clueless.

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    1. Jumping in to point out – if McLean County had/ does choose to approve the HOI plan, they would be the only member of this “coalition”. All other members – including Peoria County where it originated – has backed off. Based on timelines to put in place some of the necessary procedures in the HOI plan, it could be about on-pace with Restore Illinois plans.


  3. Koos AND Renner BOTH want to follow ole JB’s “guidelines” Well, my question is WHO the heck made ole JB a Harvard Med grad? He’s not even a good public speaker, let alone a governor..

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  4. The measure was tabled largely because Republicans Barnett, Bloomfield, McIntyre and Schafer voted to table. I’ll be saying more about that later.

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