Uptown News (some additions/changes to the original)

By:  Diane Benjamin

This plaque will be dedicated at 10:00 am Saturday on the Normal Plaza.  When City Hall moved years ago they didn’t move the existing plaque with them.  The American Legion decided to leave that one and install a new one:

veterans plaque

I hear Chris Koos and Dan Brady will be making comments.  Commander Chris Riley and the Honor Guard will conduct a ceremony and presentation of the flag.

The issue of the “forgotten” plaque at the old City Hall was brought up by Stan Nord shortly after he was elected.  If Koos or Brady try to take credit they are lying.

h/t a reader

Normal must have unlimited amounts of money since they are again placing palm trees in Uptown:

PalmTreesIn Normal

I hear picnic tables are showing up in front of restaurants courtesy of taxpayers.  Are restaurants not in Uptown getting picnic tables too?  Or, is Normal practicing discrimination?

At the last meeting this spending (nobody is allowed to question) was in the packet:

theater ads

That advertising totals close to $4000.

Advertising was paid even though the Normal Theater is closed.  The Town is promoting live streaming videos while not understanding people go to the historic theater to see movies on the big screen and soak up the ambiance.

So how many are paying Normal to watch movies at home?  I sent a FOIA.


The advertising checks in the May 4th story covered 4/16/20 – 4/29/20.  The viewings didn’t cover the advertising cost.  Most ticket sales didn’t cover the cost Normal incurred obtaining the video.  Of course nobody has been laid off either.

At the last meeting Pam Reece claimed advertising is under contract.  Are those contracts tied to the Normal Theater?  It is obviously a waste of money if it isn’t.

Normal is acting like COVID is having zero effect on their finances.  Is it too difficult to be truthful?  The palm trees are cute but citizens know the Town didn’t buy them with money they created.


18 thoughts on “Uptown News (some additions/changes to the original)

  1. Normal’s continued frivolous spending on excess is an insult to the taxpayers and voters. Everyone up for re-election should be voted out if they continue to screw over taxpayers. Those up next are;

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  2. There is absolutely NO value in sprucing up Upscale Normal at all. On a recent visit to the Koos/Peterson/Reese epic level taxpayer funded abomination loosely referred to as the Uptown movie set, I discovered almost NO humans around at all!

    Now once the Democratic Elites ruling the area finally decide to abandon their “we need to destroy our economy to stop President Trump” strategy, a few locals may make cameo appearances in the movie set, but not nearly enough to justify spending one dime on making it somehow more attractive.

    But on the brighter side, Rivian is back working on their empty plant.

    Looks like Tesla already has a truck that they will be soon selling!

    When will the trucks that Mayor Koos put money down on going to arrive?

    Can you say never?

    Elon Musk let Jay Leno drive a Cybertruck

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    1. Trouble, Just for grins I was out running errands today and made a short detour to the plant. They are expanding the facility out towards the south and east. That said, it appears by vehicles there are more working on plant rehab and expansion than those that are actually on site Rivian employees. I often get articles on my phone about Rivian. Sounds like another delay is on tap for the truck and SUV but they are still promising delivery of at least 10,000 Amazon vehicles early next year. Looks like they still have lots to do on the rehab and expansion yet to be making promises on anything. Time will tell.

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      1. This is a JIT Japanese plant from 35 years ago. It was not designed to do anything like they are proposing.

        And let me emphasize here, all of this is a MASSIVE undertaking that is not for amateurs.

        And these boys have never mass produced anything.

        An auto assembly plant is not just a building that houses the people and machines that make cars. It is ONE LARGE MACHINE in which robots, robot controlled machines and humans are integrated into a high speed, highly efficient production unit.

        So preparing the building for the production processes is JUST the start of a long road that ends with the consistent production of hundreds of high quality vehicles per shift every day of the week.

        They are at minimum 2 years away from mass production in that plant (if they are lucky).

        The Tesla truck will be in the used car lots before Mayor Koos takes delivery on his Rivian trucks.


  3. The display of opulence in Uptown devoid of people other reminds me of pictures of Suddam Hussain’s palaces.

    Do you think Reece or Koos care about the optics of all this vanity spending while nongovernment unemployed residents are loosing their livelihoods and business closing for good left and right?

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  4. While I believe Uptown is a money pit, the palm trees were purchased years ago and are overwintered at the ISU greenhouse.


  5. GREAT shot of “uppity town” Looks almost like one of the scenes out of the NEW Rolling Stones tune-video, GHOST TOWN! Catch it on You Tube. I think it’s one of their BEST songs!


    1. Imagine if the students don’t come back in the fall?

      Imagine when the students do come back, there being significantly fewer of them?

      The question I have is: Which hotel will close first in Upscale Normal?


  6. If anyone goes to the dedication on Saturday they should yell out (at some point, preferrably when Koos and/or Brady speaks) THANK YOU STAN NORD and record Koos and Brady’s reaction. It would be priceless.

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  7. I request any posters to read “Thank you Veterans” or something similar.

    The purpose of the plaque is to remember the sacrifices our brave Veterans have made.

    Please keep politics away so it does not diminish the reason for the plaque.

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    1. Always classy, never about you – The kind of public officials we Should be electing!
      Thank You, Stan Nord!

      (and Thank You, Veterans!)

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