Normal: Who cares about taxpayers?

By:  Diane Benjamin If you watched the video of last Monday’s meeting, you saw Trustees and a mayor trying to silence the new members:  Stan Nord and Karyn Smith.  Kathleen Lorenz even told them they should sit back and watch how things are done instead of questioning. Below is “how things are done”.  It isn’t […]

Why does Connect Transit have 5 Mobility Buses?

By:  Diane Benjamin h/t:  a Reader From the Connect Transit website: Connect Transit has 5 small buses people can schedule to use at a higher cost. How often are these 5 buses used?  PDF page 11: The 5 buses average 3 boarding per hour.  That means a large percentage of the time the […]

Questioning expenses in Normal has already saved money

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember the $100 a month lease for the property at 305 S. Linden?  Remember Normal was going to pay $5000 to have internet installed?  Normal would be forced to pay property taxes on that property too, the rent likely would not have covered both the taxes and internet.  (See original story: […]