Comptroller’s office responded, just not with an explanation

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story:

I didn’t send that story to them, somebody must have or they found the “tag”.

I received an email yesterday:

I didn’t use an email address because the on-line contact form doesn’t have one. See it here:

I rarely make phone calls because I want responses in writing. I also hate being on hold, getting passed around, and then being told someone will call you. I wouldn’t have used a 3 year old email address since there is no reason to believe it would still work or sent to the right person.

If you don’t know – government officials prefer phone calls so nothing is in writing. That has been tried on me MANY times.

I responded to Abdon Pallasch with that link. So far no answer to the question I asked about missing data. Maybe no one monitors their own link.

Stay tuned.

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