Government broke it

By:  Diane Benjamin Name a problem we face today not caused by government.  Bad roads, invasion by illegals, minimal economic growth, flat incomes, high taxes, unfunded liabilities, unfunded mandates.  Another endless list. Tari’s mug is in today’s paper saying Springfield has to fix problems caused by local government.  If the City never allowed employees to […]

Round 3: Last Monday night

By:  Diane Benjamin A Work Session was held before the Council meeting.  The most remarkable discussion was started by Alderman Fruin.  It pertained to employee benefits.  Watch his comments starting at 15:30, other people join the conversation, so keep watching.  Jim actually stands up for citizens!  That’s until he gets to an off-hand comment about […]

Round 2: BN Advantage

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday night the City Council approved: Consideration of adopting a Resolution endorsing BN Advantage: A collaborative economic development strategy for the Bloomington-Normal-McLean County Region The Vote was 8-1, Alderman Lower was the NO vote.  . BN Advantage is composed of: EDC – Economic Development Council McLean County Chamber of Commerce Bloomington-Normal Convention […]

Allin Township Fire: Throwing away your money

By:  Diane Benjamin The Freedom of Information law was written to protect the rights of taxpayers.  Since government has no money unless they take it from citizens, it is presumed under the law that all documents BELONG to the citizens, not government.  Here’s the opening paragraph of the law:  (5 ILCS 140/1) (from Ch. 116, […]

UPDATE: State Farm moving out?

Don’t miss the comments.  Two readers reported relatives only working 4 days a week now.  Several others say this is meaningless.  You decide. By:  Diane Benjamin An email was sent to every associate at State Farm today.  Does this sound like State Farm is staying in Bloomington?  I’ve heard from numerous sources that employees locally […]

Pantagraph: Research YOURSELF!

By:  Diane Benjamin Oh, I forgot the Pantagraph doesn’t do investigative reporting.  Printing ridiculous statements from Tari Renner and David Hales is better?  For who?  Your bottom line?  The story today proves the Pantagraph is the last place to get news! David Hales claims to have investigated the accelerated payments problem for Sick Leave Buy […]

September eating at your expense

By:  Diane Benjamin  Page 91 ADMIN Council Exp  Hilton Hotels Chicago $ 319.55    IML Lodging for MayorADMIN Council Exp  Hansen Center $ 14.90                   Business lunch for Mayor & M.Lee ADMIN Council Exp  Kelly’s Bakery And Cafe $ 18.51    Business breakfast for Mayor & Ald Fruin ADMIN Council Exp  Hansen Center $ 19.84                   Business lunch […]

Connect Transit-MORE money?

By:  Diane Benjamin While Normal was raising the Sales Tax to provide more money for Connect Transit, CT was busy spending it.  Have you noticed all the new green signs? Below is some of the spending approved at the September 22, 2015 Board meeting. Source:,%202015%20Regular%20Board%20Meeting%20Binder1.pdf This is what happens to taxpayer money when the […]

The price of “Let’s all agree”

By:  Diane Benjamin The following information was received by a reader under the Freedom of Information Act. Remember Lynn Montei?  She’s the facilitator who leads retreats.  The goal is getting the Council to all agree with David Hales.  Montei led last November’s retreat and the one this summer.  (maybe others)  I thought Alderman Hauman was […]

Needs or Wants?

By:  Diane Benjamin I was obvious at last Mondays Council meeting that some Aldermen think any project in downtown is better than none. A reader found an interesting Facebook page yesterday promoting what looks like the Bentley plan.  Here’s how the page is selling it: The Viable Downtown Bloomington Development Plan Yesterday at 2:38pm · […]


Don’t miss the latest update: My church Council voted to terminate any further action with ISU yesterday.  We feel horrible for the little kids that could be helped, but government lawyers and churches are not a good combination. By:  Diane Benjamin This is another lesson in limited government!  Hopefully readers have figured out Limited […]

Nothing on line

By:  Diane Benjamin The only way to know what both developers proposed last night is to watch the video of the meeting.  Nothing was included for either developer in meeting documentation to the Council. The Giebelhausen presentation was vague.  He claims to have 3 hotels interested, but only if they get taxpayer money.  Why invest […]

Is Schmidt the new City Manager?

By:  Diane Benjamin Alderman Schmidt was given a few minutes at the end of last night’s meeting to discuss proposed cuts by the Budget Task Force.  She is the one who held her own meeting a few weeks ago and she drove the conversation last night. Tari put the Task Force together, but since the […]

What do you choose?

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington held a Council work session last night to hear plans for downtown.  David Sage was absent.  Do you have a right to know why your elected representative wasn’t there?   9 people are going to decide the future of Bloomington, if any can’t attend a vital meeting, and you can’t hear […]

More Coliseum Fun

By:  Diane Benjamin I just finished reading all 124 pages of the Coliseum Contract.  Management Agreement CIAM Only around the first 35 pertain to CIAM’s management, the rest are naming rights contracts, a pre-opening agreement, and some miscellaneous this and that. I did find one very interesting page.  Below is the projected INCOME for the […]

Downtown folly

By:  Diane Benjamin This morning Tari was interviewed on WJBC.  Listen here: Tari claims he doesn’t know all the details of the presentations to the Council tonight by two developers.  He also claims Bloomington is “on the move” and that’s why developers are interested in downtown. Tari has been proclaiming since he was elected […]

Developer scam-City FORCED to fix

By:  Diane Benjamin Developers have been fleecing taxpayers, while the City of Bloomington watched, for decades.  Monday night a new crop of guys in need in business will make their cases for your money.  The Council is drooling over their ability to rule from the top down.  What citizens want is immaterial.  Why don’t developers […]

Tari’s downtown obsession

By:  Diane Benjamin I think Tari’s constant focus on downtown comes from sites like this one: “What do baby boomers, families, young professionals and new U.S. immigrants all have in common? They’re driving the reurbanization of America. After decades of flight, cities are becoming the go-to choice of living. Access to amenities—including parks, transportation, restaurants, […]

Monday: Boutique Hotel!

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday night the Bloomington City Council will hear a proposal from David Bentley.  He wants to turn the Pantagraph building into a boutique hotel. Tari Renner discussed the idea Tuesday on WGLT: City Manager David Hales mentioned at the last Council meeting Jeff Giebelhausen would also make a presentation.  (  We […]

Mitsubishi settled!

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve received some of the details the union employees agreed to today with Mitsubishi.  Approval for the plan was overwhelming. Long time employees with be eligible for 16 months of insurance coverage.  Coverage decreases on a sliding scale for employees with fewer years of service. Employees 54 years old and higher will […]

McHenry County cut budget $10,099,624

By:  Diane Benjamin Elect people who work for you instead of the establishment, good things happen.  They quit taxing you to death! The author of the article below is a veteran, a conservative, and a friend of mine.  He was elected to the McHenry County Board along with a few other like-minded conservatives. Read the […]

Something you probably missed Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin Buried in the Consent Agenda for last Monday’s Council meeting was the approval of Minutes from a meeting held October 22, 2012. See the minutes here:  10/22/2012 Minutes  The meeting was a Work Session concerning pension funding and the tax levy.  The discussion was not profound, why the Minutes weren’t previously approved […]

Need a raise? Leave Illinois!

Source: Tari loved the Illinois Policy Institute when they gave him a transparency award.  I wonder how he will feel about this?  Of course, part of the high taxes in Illinois are HIS fault! Tell Illinois politicians they have stolen enough of your money!

Allin Fire: Was 2015 report correct?

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is the debt report Allin Fire Protection District made to the Illinois Comptroller’s Office.  Note:  The report shows debt at year-end (May 31, 2015) of $167,000.  See the report here: The report correctly shows a new loan of $45,000 Minutes 12-10-2014 The ambulance purchase reported here: is still not […]