September eating at your expense

By:  Diane Benjamin  Page 91

ADMIN Council Exp  Hilton Hotels Chicago $ 319.55    IML Lodging for Mayor
ADMIN Council Exp  Hansen Center $ 14.90                   Business lunch for Mayor & M.Lee
ADMIN Council Exp  Kelly’s Bakery And Cafe $ 18.51    Business breakfast for Mayor & Ald Fruin
ADMIN Council Exp  Hansen Center $ 19.84                   Business lunch for Mayor & Ald Hauman
ADMIN Council Exp  Marcos Pizza – 3522 $ 75.06         Light meal for City Council Meeting
ADMIN Council Exp  Medici $ 34.00                                 Business lunch for Mayor & Ald Mwilambwe
ADMIN Council Exp  Rosie’s Pub $ 38.75                         Business lunch Mayor, Hauman & Black
ADMIN Council Exp  Destihl $ 31.70                                 Business lunch for Mayor & R. Fazzini
ADMIN Prof Devel     Hilton Hotels Chicago $ 1,286.20 IML Lodging for City Manager
ADMIN Prof Devel     Swingers Grille $ 27.15                    City Mgrs lunch for D. Hales & A. McElroy
ADMIN Prof Devel     Dennys Doughnuts $ 8.07              Business breakfast for D. Hales
ADMIN Prof Devel     IHOP $ 18.62                                     Bus breakfast for D. Hales with B.Wasson & M. Peterson
IML is Illinois Municipal League
I hear Fazzini has a new scheme for the City.  This is two months in a row for Renner buying him lunch.
Other Payment of note:
Admin Community Relations 20,000.00
Invoice Net 20,000.00
CHECK TOTAL 20,000.00

8 thoughts on “September eating at your expense

  1. Nearly $1,300 lodging expense for Mr. Hales where as the Mayor’s lodging is about $320? Mr Hales’ accommodations were either very extravagant or he stayed much longer!! What is the real value of these meetings? How do the meetings benefit Bloomington?


  2. Notice that Alderman Lower never gets treated to a meal by the mayor or manager – either by choice, has to work for a living, or maybe he’s just persona non grata with the profligate spenders. 😉


  3. $38.75 is an awfully expensive business lunch for 2 at Rosie’s. That is unless you’re drinking as well.

    I thought there were ‘no free lunches?”


  4. I’m wondering why the taxpayers pay for an office for these people. They have all of their business elsewhere. Either get rid of the business lunches or get rid of the offices. Also, these meetings with the mayor and the alderman are nothing more than violations of the OMA. They are discussing CITY business, illegally.


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