Connect Transit lunacy (Part 1)

By:  Diane Benjamin The October Connect transit meeting was held earlier than usual, so financial information wasn’t available.  The November meeting was held on 11/22, it includes reports from September and October. See the packet here:   November-22-2016-regular-board-packet Start here: Page 32 of packet. Then this one:   Page 27 of the packet I think it’s […]

Your Bloomington candidates

From the Bloomington Election Commission website: The February primary will only be for Mayor since 5 candidates are running. Voting for the rest and the two winners of the mayoral primary will be in April. I personally know many of the candidates, others by reputation, a few I’ve never heard of. Of course I will […]

Nothing better than LIES

By:  Diane Benjamin One more note from last night’s Council meeting.  Renner lied – how many times does this make?  Of course, he wouldn’t even recognize lies anymore. The topic was Sick Leave Buy Back again.  The City policy was changed in 2012 to make any new hires not eligible for this benefit available nowhere […]

Tari admits subverting capitalism

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner believes in the top down approach to government.  He wants total control of local economic development.  Think about his hotel plans in downtown Bloomington that will steal business from existing hotels.  HE wants to decide who succeeds and who fails.   Understand now why he didn’t sign the loyalty oath […]

HOW many employees?

By:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council voted last night to spend $894,537.07 over 5 years for timekeeping and scheduling software. Claims were made about reducing a massive amount of paperwork. Nobody bothered to ask how many employees will no longer be needed with this massive reduction of time and paperwork. Nicole showed a pic […]

McLean County: Beware of Invenergy!

By:  Diane Benjamin From the Edgar County Watchdogs website: InvEnergy owes Champaign County $480,298 in unpaid taxes. Recently, we shed a spotlight on three parcels of land in Champaign County which have unpaid taxes in the California Ridge Wind Farm developed and partially owned by INVENERGY which is 90% owned by TerraForm Power, which […]

Bloomington IS Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin If the massive tax and spending increases Renner and Council have handed taxpayers aren’t evidence of a need for HUGE changes in Bloomington – Monday night you give you another reason. A 3rd TIF District! Did Bloomington elect a Chris Koos for mayor?  Koos has FIVE TIF districts.  He has buried Normal […]

Pantagraph fails at truth again

By:  Diane Benjamin The daily rag has a new story about pension spiking at the City of Bloomington.  In an effort to deflect from the City’s unethical practice of allowing employees to spike their pensions with unused sick days, they even call the practice legal. It is legal because Bloomington’s Mayor, City Manager, and Council […]

Tari’s petitions

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari’s signature on a City of Bloomington document – PDF page 8: Another City Signature from September PDF page 5: Below are various pages from the petitions submitted by Renner. Look at the printing.  Sometimes the A’s are capital, sometimes they aren’t.  The same applies to E’s. Now look […]

Private is ALWAYS better!

By:  Diane Benjamin I remember great angst from the Council during discussion on privatizing garbage in Bloomington.  Even citizens wanted government service because private wouldn’t be as good.  Seriously?  Private MUST succeed because it’s their money at risk.  Government has no incentive to provide the best service at the best price because they DON’T have […]

Pantagraph investigates?

By:  Diane Benjamin Since the Pantagraph has a policy against investigating anything, I was shocked they investigated travel expenses in Bloomington, Normal, and the County. See their story here: I FOIA’d all three for the exact information the Pantagraph received. One item they reported for Bloomington caught my attention: Bloomington requires receipts for meals?  […]

BGA on Madigan’s Public Access

I was interviewed for this story WEEKS ago, glad to see this is STATE problem.  The story is published on the Better Government Association website: Illinois FOIA Appeals Linger With No End In Sight Lengthy appeals process, non-binding decisions hamper ability to obtain records through Illinois Freedom of Information Act. After Edgar County corrections […]

Stand up to Lisa Madigan

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington resident April Huber isn’t sitting by and letting Illinois Attorney General get by with not doing her job.  She asked me to post this information. I would not have been forced to file a lawsuit against the City of Bloomington concerning the Coliseum if Lisa Madigan’s office had done their job.  […]

Fly on the Wall: Renner petitions

Petitions for local office were allowed to be circulated starting August 30.  Filing petitions starts tomorrow. Flying around I saw a bunch of people in the Christmas spirit at the Festival of Trees.   They became unhappy to be assaulted by Renner volunteers wanting petitions signed! In 2 1/2 months Tari couldn’t get a minimum […]

Normal-Scott Preston-Truth

By:  Diane Benjamin Expenses for the trips that Scott Preston took were paid for by the Town of Normal.  Mark Peterson was quoted as saying they encourage travel by the Council. If you owned a company and employees traveled at your expense, what would you do? Maybe: Require receipts? Check Expense reports? Question some spending? […]

More Miscellaneous

By:  Diane Benjamin 1) Tari Renner was on WJBC earlier this week with Scott Laughlin.  One of the topics was public comment.  Scott wondered why they bother or why they don’t set ridiculous rules like Normal and the County.  Tari played along.  What Tari should have said is the County and Normal’s public comment policies […]

Turbines: County went for money

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday the McLean County Board passed a new Wind Farm ordinance that benefits developers over people. Livingston County had a referendum on their last ballot asking whether a 1600 feet setback was enough, the voters there said NO. McLean’s ordinance is a measly 1500 feet from any occupied home – not the […]

Coliseum: Failure from the start

By:  Diane Benjamin At Monday’s Council meeting questions were raised as to why a 10 year old building wasn’t ADA compliant.  City staff said they were investigating. All the City has to do is talk to people who were involved before it was built.  I did.  Karen Schmidt was on the Council – did they […]

Last night’s Comedy Show

By: Diane Benjamin Below are some clips from last nights Bloomington City Council meeting.   The comedy show started with the Alderman’s names being incorrect on the board that shows the votes.  Bloomington 101 had changed them to their participants, but nobody bothered to change them back. Every vote reflected names of people not on […]