Your Bloomington candidates

From the Bloomington Election Commission website:

candidatesThe February primary will only be for Mayor since 5 candidates are running.

Voting for the rest and the two winners of the mayoral primary will be in April.

I personally know many of the candidates, others by reputation, a few I’ve never heard of.

Of course I will be writing more at some point.

6 thoughts on “Your Bloomington candidates

  1. Glad to see every available seat has more than one candidate. This tells the citizens are not happy with the current administration or the direction the city is headed. Could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on their fiscal philosophy.


  2. A pet rock would be BETTER then what we currently have! A mayor who “bullies” people by social media, a council woman who walks out on people, and the REST just eat on our $. Is this the BEST we can do??


  3. Vote for Kevin Lower. He truly cares about our city. He has common sense about we need in this city. We need to get new people in our city government. He will make the best mayor out of the five that are running.


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