Roundtable Report

By: Diane Benjamin I attended the Roundtable council meeting held today at the Police Station.  Only 4 alderman attended:  Black, Hauman, Painter, and Schmidt.  Mayor Renner did not, but maybe 10-12 staff people were there.  I don’t personally know many of the staff, so it’s difficult for me to determine who was there. Many citizens […]

Why was the Sales Tax increased?

By:  Diane Benjamin The vote to raise the Sales Tax was rushed through the Bloomington City Council on purpose.  Normal wanted more money, so Tari fixed the vote for Chris Koos.  The reason given was the County’s year-end – they had to have their 1/4% fast. Instead of voting on just the 1/4% increase requested […]

Making Progress to WHAT?

By:  Diane Benjamin The Council meeting last night was short.  The video is below.  Public Comment starts at 4:05.  I hear most of the Council was busy doing other things instead of listening to the speakers.  There are some CAN’T MISS comments, including Judy Stearns, Alton Franklin, Gary Lambert, and Joe Walden. We always hear […]

Where was David Hales last night?

By:  Diane Benjamin The City Manager wasn’t at the Council meeting last night.  I suspect he was here, since he goes every year: The ICMA Annual Conference is the largest annual event in the world for local government managers and staff. The conference is being held in Seattle.  (ICMA = International City/County Managers Association) Are […]

Bloomington Properties

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is a link to a pdf file I created from the McLean County Assessor’s website.  All the properties are owned by the City of Bloomington. I deleted most or all of the leasehold properties at Lake Bloomington.  Now I need to identify the remaining properties.  A lot of them are going […]

What are you?

By:  Diane Benjamin I realized something this morning.  I’m a 2nd generation American!  There was only one generation of my family born in America before me.  All of my grandparents immigrated here as children.  Their families FLED to this country for refuge from European wars.  I never knew my dad’s parents (long story), but I […]