These people had YEARS!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Instead of raising PRIVATE money for a soccer complex – Illinois fusion expects single mothers, the elderly, people on fixed incomes, and students, to pay for their complex.

They have known for years that the FAA was throwing them off the airport property.  They have done nothing to raise money to build it themselves.  Why would they want to live under rules established by government instead of making their own?  It’s easier.

The Pony League fields were built entirely with private money.  Compare what they have to what the soccer fields look like.  Which one cost more?  If soccer was really popular, why can’t they raise their own money?

Below is an email sent to Fusion members along with a sample letter for the City Council.

If YOU don’t show up Monday night, the people wanting their taxes raised will control Public Comment.

Get a group of people, maybe a couple of speakers.  Nothing will make the Council take more notice than CHEERS after a speaker proclaims why taxes can’t be raised.

For now you live in a democracy (sort of).  Start using your power.


From: Illinois Fusion [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of Illinois Fusion
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2015 4:49 PM
To: Redacted
Subject: Fusion President’s Message – Bloomington City Council

President’s Message – Bloomington City Council

September 11, 2015

Dear Families and Friends of Illinois Fusion Soccer,

Our work is only half done!  We really need your emails!

The Normal Town Council earlier this week overwhelmingly approved the sales tax increase in support of new soccer fields.  However, that increase is contingent upon Bloomington approving the same. 

The City of Bloomington will be meeting to discuss the tax increase at their council meeting on September 14th, with a vote scheduled for September 21st. We are asking for your support to send emails to your respected alderman. Also, please attend the council meeting with your player in soccer gear!

To determine your specific alderman, here is a link to the City of Bloomington Alderman page:

You may also send an email to all Aldermen at [email protected].

It is so important we continue to ask for support. I want to ensure the kids/adults in our community will still have an opportunity to play soccer locally.

A sample letter is included below for ideas. Feel free to cut and paste or use as you wish.

Please let your support be known!  I thank you all in advance.



Brenda Seger

President – Illinois Fusion 

Sample Letter:

Bloomington City Council Member:

I live in Bloomington-Normal and support increasing the local sales tax for high priority community needs, but especially for building a replacement soccer complex for Community Fields.

There’s no doubt soccer is a popular sport locally. In Bloomington-Normal, we are fortunate to have Prairie Cities Soccer League, a very successful and popular recreational league, the Illinois Fusion Soccer Club, and several competitive high school soccer programs. Thousands of young people and adults in our community play and support soccer and would love to see the kind of high quality facilities we see in many Midwestern cities right here in Bloomington-Normal.

There’s no question what will happen when the FAA shuts down Community Fields. Soccer and our youth will suffer. Fortunately, this is a problem that’s 100 percent avoidable. There is still time to plan and build a replacement complex.   But, it will take political leadership to do it.

While it’s never an easy decision to raise taxes, I support this sales tax increase, especially for the purpose of keeping plans for a soccer complex moving forward.

Thank you for your leadership on this issue.



10 thoughts on “These people had YEARS!

  1. These soccer kids will grow up to be the same college students that feel micro-agressive bias if they don’t get “their” soccer field.

    1. Or they won’t care at all and life will go on. I can remember the taxpayers in my hometown turning down a referendum to build a new high school. I think most of the kids turned out ok. I don’t remember an “an all high schools matter movement”. I seem to remember some crouchity people continuing to complain about kids even though they were cutting their lawns and carrying their groceries for said people.

  2. WHAT ever happened to FUNDRAISERS? When I was in Boy Scouts the troop had an ANNUAL ham & bean dinner which raised $3-5k a year. That bought NEW tents, trailer, camping gear and helped pay for OUR trips! If these soccer kids want to be GOOD at soccer, maybe they ought to run around and collect money door-to-door. OR sell cookies like the GIRL SCOUTS! What a bunch of lazy folks! Maybe they’ll take SNAP at their concession stand.

  3. I have a friend in Gibson City who is involved in their soccer. They have a private league that bought and maintains their own fields (the have several) all without taxpayer dollars. If they can do it the BN can.

  4. I bet one of the council members put a bug in their ear about having the taxpayers subsidize this project. I remember when The Grove developerd had ideas for a park. They told the HSOA members to contact their council member. I think they were part of the group that wanted the city to pay for tap-on fees.

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