Fly on the Wall: Are Normal taxpayers getting the bill?

Flying around I hear the Town of Normal is footing the bills for the new soccer complex. Of course with no Council vote! Are the funds coming from a slush fund? Pam’s secret stash? Is this why Koos won’t allow bills to be discussed? I hear Chris Koos, Kevin McCarthy, and Chemberly Cummings think this […]

Catch a glimpse inside FOIA requests

By:  Diane Benjamin The Freedom of Information Act was created to insure citizens can obtain information about the government THEY pay for. All documents belong to citizens, not government.  There are a few exemptions to what can be withheld, but every FOIA request starts with the assumption documents are available to anybody who asks for […]

More from the Soccer emails

By:  Diane Benjamin Received by FOIA. I seem to remember Pam Reece saying at meetings that staff can’t investigate any issues the Council doesn’t authorize.  Since the sport complex suddenly reappeared, Stan Nord sent this email to Pam: Pam responded – note she responded to the entire Council instead of who Stan copied. Is Kathleen […]

Why is the Sports Complex back?

By:  Diane Benjamin The report provided to both Bloomington and Normal in July of 2018 should have ended the conversation on a sports complex: Why discussions have resurfaced now for an even more expensive facility – $50,000,000 -is slightly a mystery.  I know a few people to blame, why anybody thinks this is a […]

$43 Million proposal is finally posted

By:  Diane Benjamin The book handed out to the Councils Monday night (and me) needed some corrections.  Maybe that’s the reason for the delay in posting the information. Normal has posted links to the presentation including video of the Monday meeting: The local paper today called for a binding referendum.  They called the complex […]

News from CIRA’s minutes + Soccer

By:  Diane Benjamin The Central Illinois Regional Airport has their new website: Meeting dates, agenda’s, minutes etc can be found under “About the Airport” and then “Airport Authority”. Since I haven’t had time to follow them lately, I clicked on the November minutes and found this under Public Comments: The address is Bloomington.  It’s […]

Burying bailouts in “Quality of Life”?

by:  Diane Benjamin On Monday a presentation will be made to the Bloomington City Council pertaining to the proposed Community Center and Soccer Complex.  The group behind the project wants 1/4% Sales Tax for 8 years which they say will completely pay for both projects.  The group is called Citizens Advocating for Area Youth (CAAY). […]

Pony Fields built without taxpayer money! Soccer wants yours.

Note:  The Pony League (baseball) fields are at the comer of Towanda-Barnes Road and Ireland Grove. by:  Diane Benjamin The local soccer people want you to pay for their new fields on the west side of town.  A 1/4% Sales Tax increase would be required by a group of private citizens. The first question is […]

Bloomington-Normal: Your next tax increase

by:  Diane Benjamin Apparently the citizens are the only ones who don’t know!  The Ireland Grove soccer complex is being forced to relocate because it is too close to the airport.  Now they want you to pay for a new complex-outdoor and indoor: City officials have received numerous emails from supporters.  Of course, the […]