Catch a glimpse inside FOIA requests

By:  Diane Benjamin The Freedom of Information Act was created to insure citizens can obtain information about the government THEY pay for. All documents belong to citizens, not government.  There are a few exemptions to what can be withheld, but every FOIA request starts with the assumption documents are available to anybody who asks for […]

More from the Soccer emails

By:  Diane Benjamin Received by FOIA. I seem to remember Pam Reece saying at meetings that staff can’t investigate any issues the Council doesn’t authorize.  Since the sport complex suddenly reappeared, Stan Nord sent this email to Pam: Pam responded – note she responded to the entire Council instead of who Stan copied. Is Kathleen […]

$43 Million proposal is finally posted

By:  Diane Benjamin The book handed out to the Councils Monday night (and me) needed some corrections.  Maybe that’s the reason for the delay in posting the information. Normal has posted links to the presentation including video of the Monday meeting: The local paper today called for a binding referendum.  They called the complex […]

They built it – nobody came

By:  Diane Benjamin Old story, but the Coliseum was built against the wishes of the people, bigger venues already existed in Peoria and Champaign.  The Coliseum isn’t big enough to draw big name acts, the sports teams have lousy attendance at games. The economic impact of the Coliseum is a made-up number with no actual […]

Sports Complex? Got more jokes?

By:  Diane Benjamin Anonymous Editorial writer today thinks a soccer/sports public-private partnership is worth pursuing.   That means the “private” gets to use it while the “public” gets stuck with the bills! Take a journey back in time:                           Preview I went to […]

News from CIRA’s minutes + Soccer

By:  Diane Benjamin The Central Illinois Regional Airport has their new website: Meeting dates, agenda’s, minutes etc can be found under “About the Airport” and then “Airport Authority”. Since I haven’t had time to follow them lately, I clicked on the November minutes and found this under Public Comments: The address is Bloomington.  It’s […]

Can somebody explain . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal raised the Sales Tax 1%.  Now the City Manager seems to have dropped plans for a soccer field.  Sunday the rag reported they won’t be doing any projects for at least a year.  Was soccer a rouse?  The whole 1% was a setup, only 1/4% was needed for so-called mental health!  […]

These people had YEARS!

By:  Diane Benjamin Instead of raising PRIVATE money for a soccer complex – Illinois fusion expects single mothers, the elderly, people on fixed incomes, and students, to pay for their complex. They have known for years that the FAA was throwing them off the airport property.  They have done nothing to raise money to build […]

Normal IS California

By:  Diane Benjamin Every dime that Normal spends comes from somebody’s pocket.  Taxes and fees have been constantly raised on the citizens of Normal because your government needs more money.  State and Federal grants have been used to fund parts of Uptown – all TAX money from other people. When they build in Uptown they […]

Soccer: More bailouts for friends?

By:  Diane Benjamin Last weekend a soccer tournament must have been held on the fields by the airport.  Cars and kids were everywhere, so many that a Bloomington Police officer was on duty ALL day to control traffic.  Did the soccer people pay his salary or the citizens of Bloomington? Both Normal and Bloomington are […]

Fly on the Wall – downtown rumors

Interesting things can be overheard while buzzing around. How do you feel about soccer and volleyball fields in downtown?  They can hold tournaments thus providing people to stay in the new hotel! I hear the old warehouse area is being looked at.  No word on who is going to pay for it, take a guess. […]

Bloomington-Normal: Your next tax increase

by:  Diane Benjamin Apparently the citizens are the only ones who don’t know!  The Ireland Grove soccer complex is being forced to relocate because it is too close to the airport.  Now they want you to pay for a new complex-outdoor and indoor: City officials have received numerous emails from supporters.  Of course, the […]