Sports Complex? Got more jokes?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Anonymous Editorial writer today thinks a soccer/sports public-private partnership is worth pursuing.   That means the “private” gets to use it while the “public” gets stuck with the bills!

Take a journey back in time:
















I went to the meeting at the DoubleTree for this presentation.  It came complete with cute kids milling around in their soccer uniforms.  Very touching.

The plans were already done.  The book for media contains detailed drawings. They knew exactly what they wanted and how great it was going to be.  For over three years they have done nothing but waiting around for government money.

The Pantagraph editorial was meant to inspire support.  He shouldn’t have used the Heartland area as a great example of economic growth when they have cost taxpayers far more than ever predicted and just raised property taxes a huge amount again.  Everybody they educate could have been sent to ISU for less than what taxpayers were forced to pay for their campus and wind turbine.

You need to know who has been sitting on their hands for more than three years awaiting your money.  This page is from the 2013 proposal:

soccer009Ask them how much money they have raised?

Ask them why they are entitled to your money?

Ask them why they want government regulations when they could have governed themselves?

(Like the Pony complex)

Ask them for an example of any public-private complex that doesn’t bleed the taxpayers.

Make sure they know you WILL be checking their facts!





12 thoughts on “Sports Complex? Got more jokes?

  1. This is a rhetorical question–who are these people and what are they thinking? Many of the people on the list are successful business owners. It would be of more value to the soccer league for the business owners to make a business plan/model to assist the league in setting up and running their own sports complex.


    1. Maybe those business owners would like to invest their own money! Oh wait–the risk is too high–the return on investment is too low!!


  2. I remember a time oh about 1970 something that the YMCA wanted to build a new building. Did they ask the taxpayers for money…. NO. They actually raised the money through donations. In fact there used to be a wall of names in the building with those who donated.

    The problem today is that people have no extra money to donate. We’re all being nickel and dimed by the government for this and that. This is a prime example of being a vampire on the taxpayers.


  3. I think a great idea for Bloomington would be to bring the Corvette swap meet back home! This meet brought MILLIONS into the community, but was deemed to be too low class.


    1. They muffed that up so I was told when it was moved to the fairgrounds on the west side and people had to park in the mud and dirt. I know I wouldn’t want to park my Corvette if I had one in that filth.


  4. If PONY and the new tennis center are able to exist without public funds, why should the cities be on the hook for this project? Has any mayoral candidate come out in support of this folly?
    I know! Use the Coliseum for the sports complex.


  5. Reminds of a quote I just heard the other day,

    “When did our society start looking to government first as the cure for every social ill?”

    Sums up society today if you ask me.


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