Bloomington spending priorities-you decide

by:  Diane Benjamin Number one complaint of citizens:  roads falling apart.  So the City borrows $10,000,000 and plans to budget another $4,000,000.  The budget comes out and the $4,000,000 is cut.  The City can’t find a way to keep your car from getting damaged dodging potholes. Guess what they can find money for? Golf paths. […]

Hey! Big pensions and Social Security

by:  Diane Benjamin It’s common knowledge that government pensions are MUCH bigger than anything offered in the private sector.  Teachers remind us they don’t qualify for Social Security, which is true.  But what about local government employees? Below is a list of City of Bloomington employees where the City is paying into both the pension […]

NO progressive Income tax for Illinois!

Lawmakers and special-interest groups across Illinois are trying to dupe Illinoisans into paying higher income taxes. They’re trying to convince Illinoisans that a progressive income tax hike is only a tax hike on the rich. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Need proof? Look at both progressive tax proposals on the table in […]

Bloomington: Employee benefits compared

by:  Diane Benjamin Being a CPA, I like numbers.  Frequently they reveal interesting things.  Here’s my latest: The information listed about employees is now really good on both the Champaign and Bloomington websites – thanks to the Illinois Policy Institute.  All expenses per employee are listed, so I decided to see how much Bloomington pays […]