Bloomington: Quality of Life money grab

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Council decided their job was to entertain citizens way back when they built the Coliseum and bought the BPCA building.  They have been on a spending spree ever since – with your money.  The Parks & Rec budget includes golf, Pepsi Ice Center, BPCA, Zoo, pools, and all other summer activities.  All this cost money.

Champaign spends less money per citizen because they don’t have a Zoo or a BPCA.  They also don’t own 3 golf courses.  Of course they don’t have a Pepsi Ice Center either.

How much does all this fun cost you?  Just in Salaries and Benefits:

020_Bloomington Parks & Recreation - Staff Directory2

020_Bloomington Parks & Recreation - Staff Directory4

All the “blank” spaces list an employee, but they must be a new hire.  Their salary isn’t listed in the most current salary sheet on the City website.  The actual total is higher than the amount listed.

I hope you understand, this is only salaries and benefits – it doesn’t include any building or operating expenses.

Champaign understands the role of government.  It isn’t to entertain you. They do have a Parks & Rec website, but not nearly as many activities are listed.

Get ready, Bloomington wants more money to pay for all this fun!

What do you think about the salaries?  This employee list came from the Bloomington Parks and Recreation website:  The salaries came from the City website: (see link below)

The Coliseum is NOT included.  The management Company (CIAM) pays those employees.

In case you missed it, now Bloomington is looking at more Quality of Life because they own a building.   Art, Art Classes, more culture.  It won’t cost a dime – until they have to hire staff.  Don’t forget a Community Center and Soccer fields!




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  1. Some of these jobs could be fulfilled by using college students to do the work and giving them credit towards their majors. It was just a thought, but it could serve as a doubled edged sword by them getting the experience and college credits while saving us tax payers money because it will cost nothing! 😛 .

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