More on Hales getting a BIG raise

by:  Diane Benjamin See previous post: Also obtained under the Freedom of Information Act: Discussions concerning employees of the City can be done in Executive Sessions – yes, secret meetings.  By Mayor Renner writing an email to the Council, he let the cat out of the proverbial bag.  Maybe Tari is being extraordinarily transparent. […]

Get ready for Hales to get a lot bigger raise than us little people

Make sure you see this post too: by:  Diane Benjamin The email below was obtained under the Freedom of Information act.   It concerns ongoing discussions of David Hales job performance. Mayor Renner seems to think David Hales should be compared to the CEO of a major corporation.  If Bloomington was a corporation, it […]

Bloomington has a water problem?

by:  Diane Benjamin Didn’t the City ask residents to conserve water – just a few weeks ago? The City Manager’s Monthly report for OCTOBER just got posted on December 20th.  Can everybody say: “The private sector wouldn’t tolerate waiting this long for information!” From the Water Department :  The City experienced above average […]

What is Mayor Transparency’s definition?

by:  Diane Benjamin Here’s what the Mayor’s version of transparency was during the campaign: Published on Mar 21, 2013 Since the beginning of his campaign, Tari Renner has continually stressed transparency. Tari believes it is ludicrous that you can’t see how your hard earned tax dollars are spent! As mayor Tari would throw open the doors […]