Are you being set up Bloomington?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Why did the City of Bloomington suddenly issue a water alert?  Lake Bloomington and Evergreen Lake are suddenly 8 feet below normal?  Aren’t lakes usually lower in the summer?  Were the lakes low last summer and a notice wasn’t issued?  Nobody is watering lawns, we have a lot of snow and more is expected, so why issue an alert now?

Allow me to think out loud here.  Mayor Renner, Aldermen Fazzini, Fruin and Black are supporting the ward change to Modified Wards.  Alderman Fazzini has stated in emails that he wants to run At-Large to concentrate on BIG things.  Here’s an excerpt from one email:

Everyone needs to get me their notarized petitions no later than noon on 12-12-13 (Thursday). I want to be able to review and prepare the petitions as required by the election commission for delivery on 12-13-13 (Friday) in advance of the 12-16-13 deadline. If you have your petitions ready prior to 12-12-13, please get them to me as soon as they are ready.

In my door to door effort here are the points discussed with registered voters that seemed to resonate as to why the modified ward system would better serve the City of Bloomington going forward:
1. The experience and talent of candidates would better match the requirements to deal with ward type issues for those who chose to run for those council seats.
2. The experience and talent of candidates choosing to run at large would lend themselves to concentrating on the long term issues that need attention, for example the long term water supply.
3. The reduction from nine to eight alderman mandated by state statute would result in smaller government.
4. The ability of more than one person living in one ward to run for office could allow more qualified candidates to be elected.
5. The level of respect and cooperation among aldermen would be improved according to conversations I had with representatives in Peoria and Champaign where each operates with modified ward systems. The comments in both conversations were that the at large councilmen listened more carefully to the ward aldermen on ward related issues in order to vote intelligently, and the opposite was true regarding at large issues for the ward aldermen.
6. The current geographic distribution of aldermen has 7 living east of main street and only two living west of main street, so the current system does not necessarily lend itself to geographic representation.
7. Each voter would be able to vote for four (one in the ward and three at large) instead of just one councilman. This would give more power to the voters.

Fazzini’s other talking points can easily be ripped apart, but I find it funny he specifically mentions water supply, then shortly after the City issues a water alert.  The City has a whole department that supposedly has the expertise to advise management:

What expertise can a former banker provide about finding more water, especially when the City has no money to solve the problems.  Borrow, or course.

Here’s a question:  Would you rather have your 1/4% Sales Tax fund entertainment at the BCPA or fund a new south-west well to ensure you have water?

The priorities of the City for a long time has been on giving citizens lots of parks and entertainment.  Many of the Council members want little Bloomington to have all the amenities of Chicago because State Farm has trouble attracting employees here.  The City finally got tired of subsiding trash pick-up and raised rates.  They will continue to look for other ways to quit subsidizing citizens.  Eventually liberals run out of other people’s money, the City of Bloomington has.  However, that won’t stop them from trying to raise more taxes.  Obviously the City isn’t too worried about water when rebuilding downtown Bloomington and getting a hotel is at the top of their to-do list.

When is the City going to quit making Quality of Life a priority and make essential services JOB ONE?  Probably as soon as you give them more taxes.





3 thoughts on “Are you being set up Bloomington?

  1. If our city water supply is such a pressing issue, then what’s stopping Alderman Fazzini from addressing this issue now? Especially considering his talent for the bigger picture issues.

    Under point # 3 city government has gotten bigger under Fazzini’s watch, not smaller. So, I’m not buying his desire to reduce the size of government for fiscal reasons.

    As for point #4, couldn’t we make this same argument for any elective office in a given geographical boundary?

    Please explain to me under point # 5 how a new system would enhance respect and cooperation among alderman and make them listen better to one another? Shouldn’t this already be the case in whatever system of government we have? If respect, cooperation and listening skills do not exist under the present system, then I fail to see how they are suddenly going to appear on the City Council under a new system. Who specifically, Mr. Fazzini do you not respect on the present City Council? Who do you refuse to listen to and cooperate with? Is your modified ward system idea an attempt to get them off the City Counsel and replace them with more likeminded people that you personally would respect, cooperate and listen to? People like yourself who are owned and controlled by Mike Matejka and other special interests?

    I could go on with the other points, but these simply are not compelling arguments for what he’s trying to do and it’s time for people to start confronting his talking points. If Alderman Fazzini has trouble in the day to day duties of being a ward alderman, if this responsibility is beneath his talent and abilities than maybe he should do us all a favor and step down and make it official in his role as a private citizen.

  2. I hope Fazzini doesn’t come to my door. I find talking to left-wing Progressives (Communists) a real waste of time. They want to micro manage everything, charge us for everything and keep US out of their planning. I’m a big Judy Stearns fan because she realizes that We The People should have a voice and not be controlled by city government. If we are forced to loose an Alderman by going from 9 to 8 then let it be Fazzini who we say good-bye to! He is the one stirring the pot with his “secret” meetings behind citizens back.

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