None so BLIND . . . Pantagraph

by:  Diane Benjamin Pantagraph Editorial today:  State needs to grow jobs, not spin facts.  Who wrote it Pantagraph?  Too chicken to say? After getting past the same discussion happening all over Illinois for the past week, (it’s easy to copy the thoughts of others) the Pantagraph finally hits taxes.  Iowa and Indiana have lowered taxes […]

Flex kicked out, so start your own league

by:  Diane Benjamin The Flex got kicked out of their league last year for refusing to travel for play-off games: Since they have nobody to play this year – why not start a new league! See details here:  

Tari Transparency Renner – ya right

by:  Diane Benjamin Tari’s view of government: Repeat a lie often enough and some people might believe it Don’t question me I’m right, you are wrong I can make everything perfect if pesky citizens get out of the way People have to pay more taxes, I need more money The future of Bloomington is downtown […]

Fly on the Wall: City Pay-Day loans

The buzz about the Bloomington City employee(s) who wrote checks and took cash from the City till is this:  YOU weren’t suppose to know about it. It appears somebody spilled the beans on the City to WJBC.  Not sure why WJBC, seems a strange place to rat. The real questions are: Did the whistle-blower try the […]

Guess what Coliseum Management did

by:  Diane Benjamin I’ve written MANY times about the company hired to manage the Coliseum – CIAM (Central Illinois Arena Management).  Type CIAM into the search box at to see them. The City of Bloomington has failed in their fiduciary duty to the citizens of Bloomington by not providing over-site at the Coliseum.  Concessions have […]

Want a hotel in downtown Bloomington?

by:  Diane Benjamin Petitions are now available in both Bloomington and Normal to run for City Council.  So far nobody has taken petitions to run against Karen Schmidt, David Sage, and Joni Painter.  If you REALLY can’t wait for a hotel, at your expense, don’t run. There is still lots of time.  Petitions don’t need […]

Veterans – or if you know one:

Two words say it all Semper fi It doesn’t matter to me if you are a veteran or not.  Please read and forward this to all your e-mail buddies.  It needs to go viral. The 2014 United States elections will be held on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. During this midterm election year, all 435 seats […]

Fazzini’s lunacy continues

by:  Diane Benjamin A citizens contacted the City Council pertaining to items on the agenda for last night’s meeting.  The agenda must be posted by law 48 hours before a meeting.  The law was to make citizens aware of what’s on the agenda and make comments to their representatives if desired.  Since Fazzini thinks he’s […]


Oklahoma State Representative Dan Fisher call for Illinois clergy to “wake up” and join a modern day Black Robed Regiment. 7:00 Wednesday night – Cornerstone Christian Academy From Illinois Review: The Black Robed Regiment was the name the British placed on the American clergy during the Founding Era (a backhanded reference to the black […]

Highlights: Bills and Payroll for tonight’s Council meeting

by:  Diane Benjamin From: In the last 2 years the City of Bloomington has hired 120 people.  Why are they still spending money on Temporary Labor?  I hope somebody checks that invoices aren’t being paid twice.  All 3 list invoices for the exact same amount. Bills are approved for payment twice a month […]

Tari has a potted plant to replace Stearns

by:  Diane Benjamin Amelia Doris Buragas declared she is running for Bloomington City Council next year in Ward 4.   The seat is currently held by Judy Stearns. It’s not a secret that Tari will do whatever it takes to fund his agenda.  Tari doesn’t want to be questioned.  Judy Stearns gets in his way […]

ISU Wedding-gate the final chapter

by:  Diane Benjamin It will be the final chapter unless I find out somebody else was paid to leave. I requested paid invoices for the use of the ISU facilities. If you missed the original stories: This is what I received under the Freedom of Information Act: Lyons invoice – copy of the invoice […]

Parents: Why aren’t YOU fighting Common Core?

by:  Diane Benjamin Did you watch “The Story of Us” on The History Channel?  I started watching it until George Washington was a footnote to the Revolutionary War.  Welcome to Common Core! At least 2 area school districts are standing up for kids.  Where are the local school districts?  Saying nothing.  Worse, where are you […]

A Tari Golden Oldie!

by:  Diane Benjamin I was looking for something else when I found an old email from now Mayor Renner.  This is from BEFORE he won.  3 tax increases and massive spending increases later, did you get what you voted for? Tari Renner <[email protected]> 2/12/13 to me Hello Diane! Thanks for thinking of me! Things are […]

What is Fair Share James Plath?

by:  Diane Benjamin How many Letters to the Editor has the Pantagraph refused to print supporting the Cities 92.9 flamingo campaign?  Yesterday the Editorial staff wrote urging Bloomington to get busy fixing up downtown.  It shouldn’t be a mystery why:  They want to sell their building and there is currently no market for it.  They have […]

Upcoming events

Wednesday August 27 – Bringing back the Black Robed Regiment details here: event Thursday September 4 – Dennis Michael Lynch details here:  Dennis Michael Lynch Saturday September 20 – Stop Common Core details here:  Common Core Peoria  

Priority Driven What?

by:  Diane Benjamin Monday night the Bloomington City Council heard a presentation on a new way to create budgets.  It started with a professor from the government division at Illinois Institute of Technology.  He didn’t say it, but he thinks cities are stupid and incapable of doing the right things.  In Bloomington’s case he may […]

How about some FACTS Tari?

by:  Diane Benjamin The following information comes from the City of Bloomington – Budget in Brief numbers. How many times have either Mayor Renner or City Manager David Hales talked about the huge reduction in staff at the City of Bloomington.  They cut to the bone! Below is a recap of the […]

Hey Cities 92.9!

by:  Diane Benjamin I had NOTHING to do with this – other than take the picture. Earlier today it didn’t have a flamingo, but one landed while I was at church! I blacked out where it is to keep the thieves from hijacking it prematurely.  Yes, it is on top of a street sign. It […]

Pantagraph: What is wrong with you?

by:  Diane Benjamin Two items in today’s Pantagraph are appalling.   First they opine the labor force in Bloomington-Normal is shrinking because baby boomers are retiring.  People are also leaving – but of course they haven’t noticed that. So, not enough babies are being born to replenish the population.  It’s a problem across the country. […]

Renner’s Roadmap for Bloomington

by:  Diane Benjamin I have reported before about Renner declaring strip malls dead and downtown being the future of Bloomington.  Since he has 7 member of the Council who rarely represent their wards by considering the best interests of citizens, all Bloomington taxpayers are at risk.  Renner obviously doesn’t think his last 3 tax increases […]


IS YOUR LIBRARY XXX… LIKE ORLAND PARK? Child porn and other illegal content is unfiltered and access is paid for by taxpayers at their local library.  CAN A HOMESCHOOLING, PREGNANT MOTHER & HER COLLEAGUE STOP IT?   Orland Park Public Library Director Mary Weimar, Spokesperson Bridget Bittman, and their board have pushed a radical “unfettered, […]

Fly on the Wall: Renner’s pick

Buzz has it Renner has already hand-picked an opponent for next year’s city election to take on Judy Stearns.  He picked Joni (Johnny) Painter, the fan of socialist Jan Schakowsky, so more of the same is coming! Can you imagine a Council where only Alderman Lower ever asks questions?   Eight potted plants can vote […]

More Fazzini Lunacy

by:  Diane Benjamin I’m really not in the mood to work for free today, but a friend sent me Alderman Rob Fazzini’s latest Ward 8 Report.  Evidently he thinks people are going to be impressed.  See what you think: INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS: During July the time I spent on city council activities was 84.0 hours bring […]

Mayor: Econ 101

by:  Diane Benjamin This 5 1/2 minute video sums up how wealth is created.  Mayor Renner needs to see it. Government hinders economic development, growth, and wealth creation.  Mayor, all your Utopian plans will never succeed downtown.

I hope you aren’t planning to sell

by:  Diane Benjamin Your house isn’t worth as much as last year – according to the National Association of Realtors.   See this link:  or click on the picture to enlarge. The value of your house is down 8.8%.  Or maybe just cheap homes sold. . Local and State governments are killing you.  They […]

Bloomington: You’ve been hijacked (Part 3)

by:  Diane Benjamin If you believe government always acts in your best interests, don’t bother reading this post. There is a lot more to the presentation by the Ecology Action Center at last nights Council meeting.  The presentation starts on page 611: The oral presentation didn’t use any troubling words, but the written copy […]