None so BLIND . . . Pantagraph

by:  Diane Benjamin Pantagraph Editorial today:  State needs to grow jobs, not spin facts.  Who wrote it Pantagraph?  Too chicken to say? After getting past the same discussion happening all over Illinois for the past week, (it’s easy to copy the thoughts of others) the Pantagraph finally hits taxes.  Iowa and Indiana have lowered taxes […]

Flex kicked out, so start your own league

by:  Diane Benjamin The Flex got kicked out of their league last year for refusing to travel for play-off games: Since they have nobody to play this year – why not start a new league! See details here:  

Tari Transparency Renner – ya right

by:  Diane Benjamin Tari’s view of government: Repeat a lie often enough and some people might believe it Don’t question me I’m right, you are wrong I can make everything perfect if pesky citizens get out of the way People have to pay more taxes, I need more money The future of Bloomington is downtown […]

Fly on the Wall: City Pay-Day loans

The buzz about the Bloomington City employee(s) who wrote checks and took cash from the City till is this:  YOU weren’t suppose to know about it. It appears somebody spilled the beans on the City to WJBC.  Not sure why WJBC, seems a strange place to rat. The real questions are: Did the whistle-blower try the […]