Any socialists in Ward 8?

by:  Diane Benjamin

The last time Mayor Transparency Renner got to appoint an alderman, he chose Joni Painter.  Since she drove all the way to Chicago to attend a fundraiser for Jan Schakowsky – a self admitted socialist, we know which way her politics blow.  (

Would you drive to Chicago to hear a socialist?  What’s a socialist? – Somebody who believes in big government, government must control all, don’t question government, big taxes, redistribution of wealth, and government will create Utopia for all!  It’s never worked anywhere, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

Now Rob Fazzini has resigned.  Where will we hear comments like “raising the gas tax won’t raise the price of gas”.  Who will brag about their less than minimum wage job when Rob is gone?  Who will vote for the budget without $14,000,000 for roads even when he said he would never vote for it?

To be fair, occasionally Rob did make constructive comments.  Rob was concerned about the City’s bond rating.  We are going to miss you Rob.

Obviously Fazzini is quitting early so Renner can pick a new potted plant.  Get them in place, build up how great they are, and they give them an advantage in next years election.

Since the last pick leans socialist, I suspect Renner’s next pick will be similar.  I’m not telling conservatives not to apply, but realize YOU don’t have a chance of getting appointed.

Very transparent Tari.


4 thoughts on “Any socialists in Ward 8?

  1. Well at least Rob being gone is good but yeah you’re right. If anyone could pick a worse choice than Robbie boy, you can count on this mayor to do it.


  2. Did I call this or what?
    See my remarks on March 16 from Fazzini gets stupid with the wrong guy.
    Told you so! Real life is better than fiction. This is just a set up for Renner to get his person on the Council.


      1. Tari Renner is transparent all right. We can see right through him. My above prediction is not that big of a deal in the long run. I think we could all see it coming. Nonetheless, Diane, I do think I deserve some kind of prize for calling this five months ago!

        Fazzini’s tenure on the Council is one of the most narcissistic exploits I’ve ever seen. It’s also been filled with faulty logic and inconsistency, but such is the character of a liberal. If he now has reached a point in his new venture whereby he’s reached a conflict of interest with his role on Council then what about the last three months? If it cost so much money to run and took so much time to win his seat as he likes to remind us regularly then why the sudden departure? I could go on, but I digress.

        Refer back to his last monthly emailing and you’ll see that he met with someone about a possible run. Whoever his successor is, he and Renner have already picked him. I’m not sure this strategy is going to work any more, though. Look at ward 1 and how it backfired on Renner that last time. Wake up Bloomington! We’ve got to get involved. There is hope.


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