Paying attention to what your kids are doing in school yet?

From Patriot Nation’s Facebook page: This was submitted by a follower of this page. His child brought this home from school. It’s an assignment for his 7th grade class over Thanksgiving break at Jack Margarita Middle School in Temecula, CA. Explain to me why schools aren’t to teach about Christianity or Jesus, but they’re allowed […]

IRS Auditing 2 men who spoke against ObamaCare

BOTH got letters from the IRS on the SAME day!  Illinois’s own C. Steven Tucker, who got a cancer patients insurance re-instated,  is one of them – the cancer patient the other.  IRS is obviously still being used by the Obama administration as a weapon. CANCER PATIENT WHO SAYS OBAMACARE CANCELED HIS HEALTH INSURANCE NOW […]

Bloomington Pensions-they can always raise taxes

        The annual required payment wasn’t ever enough to adequately fund pensions.  Obviously making even the required payment wasn’t a priority. Most of the City Council voted YES on budgets knowing pensions weren’t funded.  Now they want to raise gas and/or  utility taxes because they couldn’t find cuts in the $169,000,000 budget for […]

Ronald Reagan – Thanksgiving 1981

BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, A PROCLAMATION America has much for which to be thankful. The unequaled freedom enjoyed by our citizens has provided a harvest of plenty to this nation throughout its history. In keeping with America’s heritage, one day each year is set aside for giving thanks to god for all of […]

Democrats TELL the uniformed what to think

Check out the site.  The DNC has pre-made answers and supporting links.  The Democrats evidently believe citizens have no ability to think for themselves, understand economics, or do their own research.  I personally don’t like Rush Limbaugh, but Rush definitely bothers them.  They must think all conservatives live and die by what Rush says. If […]

Obama: Electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket

by Diane Benjamin Remember this video? Obama is eliminating cheap energy without Cap & Trade.  While virtually every government agency is trying to raise taxes, expenses for citizens are increasing on items we must purchase.  The middle class is being squeezed by fundamental transformation. Article from Illinois Country Living magazine: What the article doesn’t […]

Guess who doubts Global Warming!

Meteorologists’ views about global warming: A survey of American Meteorological Society professional members Meteorologists and other atmospheric science experts are playing important roles in helping society respond to climate change. Members of this professional community are not unanimous in their views of climate change, and there has been tension among members of the American Meteorological […]

Run, recruit, or don’t complain

Obama’s bad. Madigan’s bad. Quinn’s bad.  I get it. If you’re the kind of person who would like to do something productive in response to bad Democrats, beyond just preaching to a self-selected choir on Facebook, then run for Republican Precinct Committeeman – or at least help recruit. There are currently 6,407 precincts in Illinois. […]

Democratic Senator feeling the heat

Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is running a Facebook ad in an attempt to save her seat from slaughter in the 2014 election. The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, but its hope and promise are certainly something worth fighting for. That’s why I introduced legislation to let those told they would be able to retain their plan keep it […]

If you are sick of Mitch McConnell’s gibberish, here’s his replacement

MATT BEVIN TAKES OVER 80% OF VOTE IN KENTUCKY STRAW POLL On Sunday, Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon interviewed aspiring Kentucky Republican senatorial candidate Matt Bevin on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel. Bevin, endorsed by the Tea Party, said that his upcoming primary battle with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is “not […]

Why elect Bloomington Alderman when they don’t do anything?

At last nights Bloomington City Council meeting the financial statements for the year ended 4/30/2013 were presented.  City staff and the Auditor were there to answer questions.   Only 1 person elected to the Council had questions for the Auditors – Alderwoman Judy Stearns.  She asked questions CITIZENS want answered.  Start watching the video at […]

Feds cancel service to Seniors in El Paso!

by:  Diane Benjamin This notice was in today’s Pantagraph: Below is the part of the code referenced in the notice.  Calls to the manager have not yet been returned.  Is red tape going to prevent seniors on Medicare in El Paso from getting healthcare?  The code mentioned doesn’t say anything about the quality of the […]

College Pension Abuse- Big Dogs Report

$20 BILLION UNDER-FUNDED STATE UNIVERSITY PENSION PLAN (SURS) “Each passing day without pension reform threatens  the excellence of higher education at the 65 colleges & universities.” Institute of Government & Public Affairs, University of Illinois March 12, 2013 Share on Facebook, Click here     Vernon O. Crawley, Moraine Valley Community College $673,000 final year salary […]

Are you watching what your kids are doing in School?

This post was on Facebook last week, but the picture was difficult to read.  I found a full size version at this site: Parents of a sixth grade student at the Milam Elementary School in Tupelo, Mississippi were shocked when their daughter brought home a political beliefs worksheet that teachers asked students to fill out.

Obama’s Disdain For The Constitution Means We Risk Losing Our Republic

Posted below is page 2.  Page 1 can be found here: 11/19/2013 @ 8:00AM PAGE 2 OF 2 The direction in which Mr. Obama is taking us would make possible the following scenario. A Republican Congress is elected and repeals Obamacare over a Democratic President’s veto. The President refuses to enforce the repeal. The Supreme […]

Comment from a Marxist? Communist? Clueless?

by:  Diane Benjamin This comment was left to the story with JFK’s inaugural address.  The story was meant to show how different JFK was from today’s Democrats. Here’s the comment: Albert H. commented on Before Marxists took over the Democrat Party I would argue that the GOP has moved much farther from the middle than the Democrats […]

Associated Press and Pantagraph Mis-speak

by:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph printed an AP story today titled “Democrats vote to nix filibuster rules”.  It doesn’t come close to telling the whole story.  It doesn’t mention the hypocrisy of Democrats who stood in the Senate chambers in 2005 and predicted the end to the country if the Republicans ending the filibuster.  The […]

Before Marxists took over the Democrat Party

Does this sound even remotely like today’s Democrats? We observe today not a victory of party but a celebration of freedom–symbolizing an end as well as a beginning–signifying renewal as well as change. For I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forbears prescribed nearly a century and three-quarters ago. […]

Bloomington: getting your money’s worth?

by:  Diane Benjamin There are 77,733 residents in Bloomington Soldier Field holds 61,600 people.  If Bloomington residents went to Soldier Field, held all the babies and small children, the entire town could squeeze in.  Moral of the story:  Bloomington isn’t a big place! The City spends around $169,000,000 per year. That’s $2174 per person. $4348 […]

Mayor No Transparency

by:  Diane Benjamin There once was a mayor named Tari Who campaigned on promoting transparency Evidently a myth Too difficult to deal with Free speech must no longer exist! Excerpts from emails sent from Tari to me: From June 2013 Thank you Diane for your diligence! Your parody was actually MUCH closer to reality that […]

Fazzini, Fruin, Black, and Renner being investigated by Attorney General

by:  Diane Benjamin Contrary to the belief of Rob Fazzini, he can not under the law declare himself a private citizen,  then work with 2 other Council members and include the Mayor’s email address on correspondence without violating the Open Meetings Act.  The Attorney General is now investigating their attempt to change the Bloomington City […]

More on Normal City Manager Mark Peterson

by:  Diane Benjamin After I exposed the email written by Normal City Manager Mark Peterson (, he wrote the following email to Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini: Fazzini then responded with this email: . Peterson doesn’t seem all that concerned on November 13th.   Maybe today is a little more unhappy.  I have filed a complaint […]

Tell the McLean County Board THANKS

by:  Diane Benjamin The McLean County Board is holding the line on your taxes, even decreasing them a bit!  That is great news for taxpayers enduring decreases in salaries, higher fees, higher insurance costs, and tax increases threatened by most of the rest of government. Email addresses are available here:  Unfortunately you can’t email […]

Real example of ObamaCare cost increases

by:  Diane Benjamin The name of the benefits provider isn’t important, but you should know this is a non-profit insurance provider.  Stated in the Benefit Information notice is this: It’s been more than 5 years since co-payments were last increased for prescription drug benefits, and even longer for most deductible and out-of-pocket maximums. The notice […]

I’m under attack

by:  Diane Benjamin Government really hates being questioned.  The elites would prefer the citizens are uniformed and disinterested.  Agendas, tax increases, and illegal behavior are much easier to accomplish if nobody is paying attention.  The attacks on me personally are beginning.  I posted one last week from Normal City Manager Mark Peterson, I may post […]

Heartland Windmill update – down again, but not broke

by:  Diane Benjamin Several people have asked me why the Heartland turbine was down again after being down for about 2 months.  This time it isn’t broke.  One thing Heartland does well is respond to requests for information.  It is refreshing that it least some part of local government isn’t trying to keep citizens in […]

Is Mayor Renner lying about Scott Oglesby?

by:  Diane Benjamin Police Officer Scott Oglesby was fired was fired in 2011.  An arbitrator ruled the firing was unjust, but the City via Todd Greenburg appealed. Meanwhile, Scott is still out of work unjustly.  The City has no case, but Mayor Renner has told me he doesn’t have the votes on the City Council […]

Inflammatory and derogatory comments welcome

by:  Diane Benjamin People who comment on the internet should really know some facts.  Just because you create 3 different email addresses, so you think you look like 3 different people, doesn’t make it true.  It also doesn’t mean I don’t know who you are.  Sorry buddy, but IP and email addresses can be traced. […]

Normal doesn’t want wards because of ISU, Bloomington officials elected by IWU

by: Diane Benjamin Normal doesn’t want a ward system because ISU students would make their own ward and therefore have representation on the Council. Bloomington elections, especially the last one, were won because of IWU students.  They worked to elect Mayor Renner and Alderman Scott Black.  Both felt it was great to use the students. […]

Against Common Core: best argument ever (by a student!)

Read more: Illinois Senator Kyle McCarter has introduced a bill to delay Common Core in Illinois.  Call your Senator and tell them to support it!

Socialism out in the open-because the evil is no longer taught

Hitler wasn’t just a Nazi, his party was the National Socialist Party!  Millions died under Hitler, do some research – socialism has a long history of killing people who don’t agree with them.  Now the Socialist are out in the open here in our county.  The extremist aren’t on the right!  Hitler was elected […]

Why the Whig Party fell and why the GOP is next

by:  Diane Benjamin The Whig Party was founded in 1834, most historical accounts say they organized to combat the “tyranny” of President Andrew Jackson.  By 1854 they were gone.  The Whigs were split over slavery.  The anti-slavery segment then founded the Republican Party, in Wisconsin, to oppose the spread of slavery in the new western […]

The Normal City Council should FIRE Mark Peterson

by:  Diane Benjamin See this story from yesterday: The International City Manager Association has a code of ethics.  Mark Peterson broke it by sending a lie laden, derogatory email to Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini who then forwarded it to MANY other people.  At the very least, Peterson’s actions show a complete lack of intelligence. […]

Bruce Rauner on his relationship with Rahm

by:  Diane Benjamin Primary season is cut-throat in Illinois because of the passions supporters have for “their” candidates.  It’s messy, sometimes corrupt, and sometimes an evil system, but that’s all we have.  Anointing candidates to avoid debate isn’t going to make the process better. One continual attack on GOP candidate for governor Bruce Rauner is […]

City Manager Mark Peterson LIABELS me!

by Diane Benjamin Yesterday Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini wrote a long email to me stating his position on the hostile takeover, nothing new that I haven’t already reported, just more dribble. For some reason, he copied the City Manager of Normal, Mark Peterson.  Why?  Normal is all about limiting citizen representation, so maybe Peterson is […]