More on Normal City Manager Mark Peterson

by:  Diane Benjamin

After I exposed the email written by Normal City Manager Mark Peterson (, he wrote the following email to Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini:


Fazzini then responded with this email:



Peterson doesn’t seem all that concerned on November 13th.   Maybe today is a little more unhappy.  I have filed a complaint against him with the International City Managers Association.  They have a very strict Code of Ethics, his email about me violated many parts of it.  I’m sure he has been contacted by the ICMA for an explanation.  When I hear more from them, I will post it.

These emails were received under the Freedom of Information Act.





6 thoughts on “More on Normal City Manager Mark Peterson

  1. Aw!!!!! Looks like Po-Robert has some egg on his face…………….and the only “erroneous” one is the Normal City Manager, Mark Peterson! 🙂

  2. How in the world do people like this get into office. Mr. Fazzini’s comments about communicating with Peterson on the phone and/or in person is quite damning. How stupid…:-).

  3. Alderman Fazzini should know by now that as a public official, he should not be using a personal email address to conduct city business as that is backdoor way to avoid FOIA compliance. Tsk Tsk Perhaps more scrutiny by the AG office needed?

    1. I did a FOIA request for his personal emails, courts have ruled they are fair game. The FOIA was due yesterday, but when I told them today it was past due – they delayed complying until the 27th.

  4. International City Managers?!?! What the blank?! Illinois and its global agenda ……sheeeesh. All emails are public, especially public servants. The ownership of the internet in general has not even been determined to have an owner yet, although the UN and Bahrain aaruge over ownership. “Strick code of ethics” huh? being an international NGO, I asume they use global ethics, not Biblical for sure. We need a moral and just people, not more laws and codes. You can see the consequences of chasing the “corruption” and “transparency” around. It is time to place the highest value on voting for Christian candidates from non progressive churches. The fact is you didn’t want transparency in the first place, you really wanted a candidate with a strong internal moral compass who would do the right thing even when no one was looking.

    1. The ruling class cabal keep good people out of office. Voters need to be up on the issues and show up at the poles if they care about good government.

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