Bloomington Roads History and the American Rescue Plan money

By: Diane Benjamin I probably have at least 100 stories since 2012 on road conditions. Tari Renner ran for office promising to fix them – twice. In 2012 the City passed an Action Plan that included “smooth rides on quality well-maintained street”. In late 2013 or early 2014 the City borrowed $10,000,000 for […]

Anything to win: Fazzini

By: Diane Benjamin A reader sent me the ad below. It’s really funny since Rob is running as a Democrat – check your ballot. How can Fazz run on the Democrat ticket and claim he wants to make the office “not party affiliated”? It’s hilarious to see candidates unwilling to admit they are democrats! In […]

Bloomington Monday night

By: Diane Benjamin The audit is done, not released though: Evidently the City doesn’t think they have to print the P-Card spending list anymore, just 1 big amount. Amazon purchases are listed without a descriptions – pages of them. Link to Bills and Payroll: Agenda: Tari wants to re-appoint Rob Fazzini to the […]

Before you believe John Butler:

By: Diane Benjamin John Butler and his lawyers have been telling media John didn’t know his employees were stealing concession money. Evidently he’s such a great guy he agreed to a misdemeanor and paid $450,000 in restitution just because. That of course was after spending who knows how many thousands (hundreds of thousands?) on attorneys […]

CIRBN Minutes by FOIA

By:  Diane Benjamin On February 14, 2020 I sent a FOIA request to the Town of Normal for CIRBN Board meeting minutes.  Since Normal calls their 3 employees Town employees, we should see what these employees are up to. This is what I FOIA’d: “Minutes of all CIRBN Board meetings held between April 2018 and […]

Fazzini to announce?

By:  Diane Benjamin I think I know what is going on between the McLean County Auditor and Treasurer, it isn’t the huge problem Michelle Anderson is making it out to be. Back in 2014 there was a referendum asking if the Auditor job should be abolished.  I said NO – but the person holding that […]

Feel sorry for Fazzini?

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve known for quite awhile that for Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini had sued people involved with the Cornbelters.  Since I was at the courthouse yesterday I decided to pull the court documents. If you ever want to see a file, get the Case Number from Public Access ( ), then go to the […]

Karma for David Hales!

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington’s former City Manager, who never found time to look at reports from the Coliseum, has moved on to Joliet.  Hales will always be known as the guy who the City Council heaped praise and huge raises on while theft of taxpayer dollars was happening right under his nose.  I know many […]

Fazzini correction and more info

By:  Diane Benjamin I need to correct this story: Rob Fazzini signed a contract for the City of Bloomington dated 3/10/16.  He was not an alderman when he signed it.  He was also not authorized by the City Council to sign anything on behalf of the City of Bloomington.  All other contracts were signed by […]

Why is Fazzini signing contracts?

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember former Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini?  You might remember him from his attempt to create Super Aldermen who represent the whole City, or you might remember his plan to turn the garbage into jet fuel, or maybe his statement that gas taxes don’t necessarily raise the price of gas. Since I heard […]

PLEASE run Rob!

By:  Diane Benjamin Former Bloomington alderman Rob Fazzini announced to WGLT he is thinking of running as an independent for the County Board: Fazzini thinks the Board elections should be non-partisan.  It’s easy to see why since Bloomington and Normal Council elections are non-partisan.  Big spenders, who think everything needs managed and regulated, find it […]

Tari: The windows are closed

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari’s campaign speech is probably memorized by everybody now.  Repeat things often enough some people might believe them. No, transparency doesn’t exist at City Hall.  I dare anybody to file a FOIA request and actually get the information they filed for. The windows are NOT “wide open” as Tari claims. Here is […]

Renner’s ethics

By:  Diane Benjamin Besides Tari Renner, you have to remember former Alderman Rob Fazzini to understand this story.  Fazzini is the guy who claimed a gas tax doesn’t raise the price of gas and he wasted tons of staff and legal time trying to get both Bloomington and Normal to sell him their garbage so […]

Connect the dots

By:  Diane Benjamin Two months in a row Renner bought former Alderman Rob Fazzini lunch: For new readers, when Fazzini was an Alderman he created lots of news by saying things like “A gas tax doesn’t raise the price of gas”. Fazzini was also behind the failed attempts for Modified Wards and Paradigm […]

Jeers to the Pantagraph

by:  Diane Benjamin The editorial staff at the Pantagraph does a Cheers and Jeers column every Friday.  I thought there was hope when they jeered the City of Bloomington for the failed retreat posting and the cost/inconvenience it caused.  Today all hope was dashed. Not one mention in the column about the failed joint Council […]

Fazzini exhibits the Council’s arrogance

by:  Diane Benjamin Alderman Rob Fazzini has been known to change his mind before.  Remember when he stated he would never vote for the budget if roads weren’t funded at $14,000,000?  $10,000,000 borrowed and $4,000,000 from the general fund?  Somehow he managed to vote YES on the budget anyway. I hope he is smart enough […]

Clueless Fazzini, and other liberals

by:  Diane Benjamin Nothing epitomizes what both Bloomington and Normal are doing to you better than this letter written by a resident of Austin Texas (the most liberal city in Texas): “I’m at the breaking point,” said Gretchen Gardner, an Austin artist who bought a 1930s bungalow in the Bouldin neighborhood just south of downtown […]

Say it together: “Hypocrisy”

by:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday there was a fascinating Letter to the Editor in the Pantagraph by Mike Matejka.  He came out against the March referendum for Modified Wards! It was only a few months ago Matejka helped Rob Fazzini craft a different Letter to the Editor in support of Modified Wards: Is Matejka running a […]

It’s FIVE and 3 NOT SIX and 3!

by:  Diane Benjamin Previously I questioned if Rob Fazzini was trying to hide the truth to get signatures to put the Ward change on the March ballot:  He managed to convince WGLT’s Charlie Schlenker of his Six Wards and Three At-large plan.  Listen to an interview aired today with Alderwoman Judy Stearns: Schlenker […]

More on Normal City Manager Mark Peterson

by:  Diane Benjamin After I exposed the email written by Normal City Manager Mark Peterson (, he wrote the following email to Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini: Fazzini then responded with this email: . Peterson doesn’t seem all that concerned on November 13th.   Maybe today is a little more unhappy.  I have filed a complaint […]

Fly on the Wall: the black churches program

The program for troubled west-side youth is getting glorious reviews – by the organizers.  The council members who voted against it are getting vilified by none other than Rob Fazzini: The city council members who voted for the small financial investment should be proud of these impressive results.  Thanks to the Mayor and those who […]

Non-Racism on the Bloomington City Council

by: Stanley Wonders  (Where have you been hiding Stanley?  Welcome back!) Since Bloomington is a proud “Not in Our Town” town, surely we can never go too far to prove it!  Especially in our elected officials!  But just to BE SURE, some of them have given you the apparent ultimate PROOF. In response to a […]

Racism under every bush-if you want it there

by Diane Benjamin First, I have two black relatives, but I had to think about it first.  Non-racists don’t think about people’s skin color.  They are relatives – not BLACK relatives.  Judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.  Evidently, only people who want to see racism still do, […]