Karma for David Hales!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington’s former City Manager, who never found time to look at reports from the Coliseum, has moved on to Joliet.  Hales will always be known as the guy who the City Council heaped praise and huge raises on while theft of taxpayer dollars was happening right under his nose.  I know many readers wonder why he was never charged with at least with Official Misconduct for failing to do his job.

Keep in mind:  Law were written by politicians to protect the swamp.  It would be fun if a trial ever takes place and Hales is called to testify though.

The raise Hales got with his new job is helping with expenses here.

His house is still for sale!

In fact, it is now for sale for less than he paid for it in 2008.  See the house and the listing here:    https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/5-Conway-Cir-Bloomington-IL-61704/76972678_zpid/?fullpage=true

It was originally listed in November of 2017 for $279,900.  The price is now reduced to $249,900.  Hales bought it in 2008 for $266,500

The County records show he is paying taxes on more than the house is worth:    http://mcleanil.devnetwedge.com/view/RE/15-31-157-007/2017

85,035 x 3.33 = $283,167

More proof that you NEED to challenge your assessed value!

One more swamp creature seems to be having trouble selling his house:

former alderman Rob Fazzini

See that listing here:  https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/5-Canterbury-Ct-Bloomington-IL-61701/76980936_zpid/?fullpage=true

His house was listed in April 2017 for $309,000.  It’s now down to $278,500.

From the County website:   http://mcleanil.devnetwedge.com/view/RE/21-02-151-007/2017

Call the Assessor!  Rob has a taxable value of $76,525 – 76,525 x 3.33 = $229,575!

Either ROB is asking almost $50,000 more than the house is worth, or he is seriously underpaying his taxes!

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28 thoughts on “Karma for David Hales!

  1. This while the “Mark O ARENA” reported a loss of $677,000.
    And the MAYOR and council will STILL debate DOWNTOWN..
    Maybe Tari can market Hales home as a “tourist destination” or “re-invent” it..

  2. So is appears that we have a housing supply and demand problem…. who would have guessed that would happen with the axe falling daily on highly paid State Farm people? And as they leave the area in search of new jobs and greener pastures…who is going to buy their McMansions? Who has the money? Now all of this a secret that our leadership only talks about behind closed doors. So everyone, just keep this to yourself. We wouldn’t want to alarm anyone with the reality of economic decline in our area.

    1. Blunt is the word – and is it not refreshing to talk about important people with the blunt truth? In the days before the age of information “important people” could do and get away with almost anything with the media protecting and moving their narratives forward. Yes, the emperors have no clothes now and we can all laugh and make fun of them. We can also call them out publicly. How great is that? Hale let the theft of taxpayer money go on without oversight… yet he sneaks out of town to another high paying job? Sorry for being mean… but that is the truth.

    2. To even suggest that cancer comment is totally uncalled for. Diane, I vote you ban this bozo.

        1. I agree – No one.. I repeat no one would suggest something like this – we seek the truth not harm to anyone… that is gaslighting in a very sinister form. Shame of you Rich…

      1. I disagree about banning Rich. Let him provoke all he wants. Most, if not all of his arguments are easily countered. Now, if he added substance to the conversation rather than one-line jabs, it would be an interesting exchange.
        This is my challenge to you, Rich!

          1. I am amazed that he comes back to this site…. he has been repeatedly pummeled by everyone on numerous occasions… He is not even a good troll… you would think his skill set would grow… he is kind of fun for me… not a challenge… but fun..LOL

  3. What I find sad is that Hales knew about the fiscal issues facing the city but did little to address them. Now, there are many others whose homes are being listed for less than the purchase price.

  4. Rich just FEELS the need to “protect” himself
    Meanwhile, there was a GREAT interview on the radio this a.m. with Elgin Baylor and it was a very OPEN discussion about his years in the game and racism! (his owner later getting BANNED from the NBA for his remarks) and how Elgin handled ALL this over the years. He basically said he DID NOT like it, but “dealt with it” as everyone needs a paycheck. It was a very clean, concise, and candid interview and he was truthful.
    He was also talking about his new book that’s out, and at age 83 I think a LOT of folks could probably learn from this.
    With age COMES wisdom!!
    OR as an old boss of mine used to say, ya gotta crawl before ya can walk before ya can fly!

  5. Rich You have now pissed me off! Your comment about ANYONE should get Cancer even with freedom of speech should never be typed or said by ANYONE on this planet.
    Because of a genetic link found in a family I know well they now have THREE people with cancer one the chemotherapy is not working and the other two are early in their treatment. This gene was INHERITED because of my due diligence and the cancer center involved we have found two other families that are NOT in the same family tree and all those members living are being tested for cancer.
    Rich are you friends with Tari ? Did you attend IWU ? Have you lived here in the area for how long ? Did you ever like many of us that comment ever attend any public meeting of any of the governing bodies ? Do you know any of the elected officials personally ?

    Yes you should be banned from ever typing anything!

    How about you go to the Relay for LIfe and wear a t-shirt ….. Wish you had Cancer for all of them to see your face chicken….


    1. I agree – I lost both of my parents to cancer – most of us if not all of us have lost loved ones to this horrible disease. To suggest that any of us here would wish this on anyone is deeply offensive and very wrong. Like I said before this is the most sinister form of Gaslighting that anyone can come up with. You really crossed the line here Rich and it is my suggestion that you keep your comments off of this publication. I will personally challenge and remind everyone of your sinister “cancer comment” each time you post anything in the future.

    1. You have to wait until you get the next assessed value notice. Keep track of houses close to you that sell. They can all be researched on the county website. You challenge based on what similar homes sold for.

  6. Just an FYI for everyone: Happening right now – many many new listings are going on the market all over this area – I know of a broker who has listed 8 houses in the last 7 days… I expect many brokers to be hurting badly and many will be going out of business by the fall of this year. You cannot dump several hundred houses in this market without real problems occurring. Who is going to buy the McMansions of the leaving highly paid State Farm people?

  7. What if they are not selling by a lack of demand or no one is selling ? So cannot protest till second installment comes due ? This would be sweet if they lose money this tax season and not next year when I suspect the lower assessments would occur or do they not assess based on current market conditions unless “pushed” ?

  8. Hales house, eeewwwww all that white color and acres of carpet. No wonder it hasn’t sold.

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