Why is the Coliseum Allowed to mislead taxpayers?

by:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday I reported the numbers CIAM reported as fact in 2013 are different from what the Auditor’s reported.  CIAM’s (Central Illinois aRena Management) numbers are always reported in the local media.  The Auditor’s numbers somehow never are.  They aren’t available on the City of Bloomington website either.  Only CIAM’s fictional reports are […]

So the Coliseum lost money. Really?

by:  Diane Benjamin According to the Pantagraph today the Coliseum lost $183,727 for the year that ended April 30, 2014.  Funny how no un-audited financial statements are available.  The CIAM throws un-audited numbers out as fact and the local media laps them up and dutifully reports them.  CIAM issues a Press Release and you are […]

Time out to expose Pantagraph

by:  Diane Benjamin As I stated a couple of days ago, I’m taking some time off to work on something else.  Details eventually. I have to comment on a few items the Pantagraph reported on though. Yesterday on-line they had a story about the BN by the Numbers meeting held this week.  Nobody knows why […]

Bloomington: What you can do

by:  Diane Benjamin  There is nothing you can do about the invasion happening on our southern border. There is nothing you can do about the IRS targeting of political enemies. There is nothing you can do about the Veterans Administration not taking care of our veterans. There is nothing you can do about the National […]

Coliseum’s Economic Impact (cough, cough)

by:  Diane Benjamin According to the Coliseum’s own reporting, the building produced an economic impact of  $98,000,000 since opening!   http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=6569 Did you get your cut?  Is the City of Bloomington debt free because of all this economic activity?  Are incomes rising?  Are property value in downtown Bloomington rising?  (Not the Pantagraph building:  https://blnnews.com/2014/06/20/how-did-the-pantagraph-manage-this/)  City Manager […]

Coliseum Management won’t change unless . . .

by:  Diane Benjamin When Tom Hamilton was City Manager, everybody thought he did a great job.  Now Hamilton is blamed for all the City woes.  Tom Hamilton had a compliant Council, he was never questioned. Everybody thinks David Hales is doing a great job.  He has a compliant Council.  Wait for the stories when he […]