Schock, Davis, & Kinzinger vote for illegals

by:  Diane Benjamin

There are two types of people in government:  1) Those who want to control you and 2) Those who think people have a right to control their own lives.  It has nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans.  Voting the party no longer matters.  Eric Cantor was defeated because he was in the #1 category.  David Brat won because he was in #2.

If we keep electing politicians in the #1 category, we work for government – government is not accountable to us.  Last week 3 Illinois GOP members proved my point.

The House voted on a Transportation-HUD (Housing and Urban Development) appropriations bill.   Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) offered an amendment to cut off Section 8 housing for those here in the country illegally.   The amendment failed.

So who voted to continuing using YOUR tax dollars to subsidize illegal alien housing?

Adam Kinzinger

Rodney Davis

Aaron Schock

I’m sure all 3 have some convoluted reasons for voting with Democrats and against citizens.  Maybe the Chamber of Commerce threatened to cut their campaign funding is they voted YES.  These guys are only conservative for primaries.  After they are sure they will be on the November ballot, their true colors appear.  They hope you won’t notice.

Here’s the vote:





One thought on “Schock, Davis, & Kinzinger vote for illegals

  1. Why do I suspect that all voted strictly based on what THEY THINK makes them more broadly attractive for reelection? Cynical, I know, but I can’t imagine the basis being a matter of conservative principle.

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