Want to Know How Illinois loses Your Money?

By: Diane Benjamin We hear all the time things like the State of Illinois paying unemployment benefits to scammers. We hear people getting put on Medicaid that aren’t eligible. This proves the State of Illinois is incompetent. I got this in the mail today, postage was .49. Nobody knows how much the people who sent […]

Dear Illinois taxpayers:

From Truth in Accounting – each of you owes $49,500 because the wrong Constitutional Amendment is on the ballot. Fixing unfunded pension liability isn’t as important as giving unions more taxing power. Vote NO to Amendment 1 and NO to the people who did this to you:

Road Trip Gas prices

by: Diane Benjamin Hudson Il on Sunday: 20 miles north of the Illinois border – Clinton Wisconsin Friday: Belvidere Il – Sunday. Unleaded $3.95 (south of the above) Costco was by far the winner: Other area stations were at $3.389. We didn’t see any gas over $3.60 anywhere in Wisconsin. Both the Wisconsin Sales Tax […]

Election lies: Chung and Koehler

By: Diane Benjamin A reader sent this mailer to me, evidently Chung and Koehler want to win by conning voters: Since reforming pensions isn’t the Constitutional Amendment on the ballot, democrats will not be cutting property taxes. They won’t be giving more money to schools so they can cut property taxes because close to 25% […]

Vote NO: Amendment 1

By: Diane Benjamin Reforming pensions should be the Constitutional amendment on the November 8th ballot. It isn’t, that is more than enough reason to vote NO on the amendment that is on the ballot. Pension debt keeps rising as it eats at least 25% of the State budget. Fixing pensions isn’t ever a priority! The […]

The debate:

By: Diane Benjamin If you didn’t watch last night you can watch the debate here: https://www.centralillinoisproud.com/news/your-local-election-hq/watch-the-pritzker-bailey-illinois-governor-debate-at-7pm/ My take: Bailey wants to repeal the Safety Act, Pritzker claimed he was open to modifications but didn’t specify any. Police unions across the State are supporting Bailey, State’s Attorneys continue to file lawsuits to stop implementation on January […]

I got my vote buying check today, got yours?

By: Diane Benjamin The check I received has rebates for both income and property taxes. The amount is immaterial when compared to the Pritzker tax increases, renters don’t get property tax rebates even though property taxes are included in the rent they pay: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/pritzkers-record-24-tax-fee-hikes-taking-5-24-billion-more-from-illinoisans/ Remember Pritzker doubling the gas tax? Adding $50 to the price […]

SAFE-T act facts

By: Diane Benjamin Even though law enforcement officials across Illinois are speaking out about this pro-criminal anti-police law the McLean County Democrats posted this on Facebook: This bill was passed in the middle of the night at the end of a lame duck session in January 2021. Conveniently is goes into effect after the November […]

Update: WGLT: Go deeper

I was just informed Missouri has withdrawn from ERIC too. You have to read the story to understand why! By: Diane Benjamin See this story: https://www.wglt.org/politics-and-government/2022-09-13/voter-roll-purges-are-not-going-to-happen-in-illinois-a-state-election-official-says The story completely falls apart when they get to ERIC: Electronic Registration Information Center. States bought into this tiny group – 3 employees according to their tax returns – […]

Sharon Chung is rolling in $$$$$

By: Diane Benjamin https://www.illinoissunshine.org/committees/34779/ How much money does her opponent Scott Preston have? https://www.illinoissunshine.org/committees/25061/ Chung is well know for supporting criminals during her time on the McLean County Board. So who is supporting this police hater? The same people trying to get Amendment 1 passed by calling it a Worker’s Rights Amendment. It’s really a […]

Connect Transit: Ridership DOWN

By: Diane Benjamin Connect Transit didn’t release financial information at their July 26th meeting because it is year end. They did provide some other interesting information – see PDF pages 28 and following: https://www.connect-transit.com/file/637/07%2026%202022_BoT%20Meeting%20Packet.pdf Passenger trips isn’t the number of people – anyone who has to transfer to another line is counted twice on their […]

There is NO HOPE for the Illinois GOP

By: Diane Benjamin Elections were held Wednesday across the State for the GOP Central Committee. They are the Governing Board of the Illinois Republican Party. The people below were elected – look at how many supported Richard Irvin who lost massively in the Republican Primary for governor. Obviously democrats are running the Republican Party, not […]

Pritzker corruption reported:

This is a national story I haven’t heard reported locally, of course I don’t watch all the local media. Illinois Governor’s Office Made Secret Payments To Former Campaign Aide After She Was Caught Stealing From Taxpayers, Lawsuit Says Political influence scheme alleged in the very agency dedicated to stopping political patronage The office of Illinois Gov. J.B. […]

Gas Station Civil Disobedience

By: Diane Benjamin I hope you aren’t excited by the “plummeting” cost of gas – that is how one local media described the price trend. Plummeting would be back to $3.00 or less as it was before WAR was declared on fossil fuels. Unaffordable everything is a direct result of that war, the poor and […]

What Public Education Produced:

From a new poll conducted by HEARTLAND/RASMUSSEN: See the entire poll and more details at this link https://www.heartland.org/news-opinion/news/heartlandrasmussen-poll-majority-of-democrats-would-abolish-supreme-court-call-it-racist-and-sexist LV is likely voter average. Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court? Do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree with the […]

It’s not a workers rights amendment

By Diane Benjamin Remember when we defeated the Progressive Income Tax amendment? Amendment 1 will be on the November ballot, it must be defeated too. This Amendment hands power to government unions that shouldn’t exist at all.  They shouldn’t exist because they elect people to negotiate their own contracts.  We just get the bills. Amendment […]

Connect Transit May report

By: Diane Benjamin Ridership was down in May – PDF page 8 PDF page 7 – the May loss was slightly less than $1 million. You can’t make this stuff up: The appropriations bill for Transportation is named: THUD See PDF page 14. It stands for Transportation and Housing and Urban Development. Also on the […]

Unit 5 and Social Studies

By: Diane Benjamin Parent should be able to trust the schools they send their kids to. Unit 5 has proved they aren’t trustworthy. Remember the DEI employee cackling about what she gets to do? How about their failure to save the training video for the 47 hires to fan out to all the schools and […]

Normal’s unconstitutional use of Your taxes

By: Diane Benjamin Remember this story? https://blnnews.com/2022/06/21/show-me-the-money/ The Illinois Supreme Court remanded a decision by a lower court back to them regarding Cook County’s use of transportation taxes. The Court stated the Safe Roads Amendment creating a lock box for transportation related taxes applies to Home Rule municipalities too. Source: https://www.normalil.gov/129/Taxes-Fees Normal is in violation […]

You need 6 weeks to vote, but only 10 days to save 5% on sales tax

By: Diane Benjamin Besides the State of Illinois cancelling the 1% grocery tax and delaying the inflation adjusted gas tax increase until after the November election, you can save on Sales Tax for 10 days. This savings only applies to items they considered school supplies. See the Qualifying and Non-Qualifying items on page 3: https://www2.illinois.gov/rev/research/publications/bulletins/Documents/2022/FY%202022-24_N0522.pdf#search=Sales%20Tax%20holiday […]

Temporary breather

By: Diane Benjamin Thank goodness the primary is over! Congrats to the winners. Before the next onslaught of campaign ads hit, cut the cable cord. Life is awesome without constant lies. The biggest loser is the ILGOP who failed to get Richard Irvin, Kyle Ham, and Rodney Davis elected, probably others elsewhere. Ken Griffin found […]

Money from Pot

by: Diane Benjamin Evidently the City Council was told they can’t discuss approving the second pot dispensary or they might get sued. The State legalized it, the State handed a license to guys who mostly (if not all) live in California , the Zoning Board of Appeals approved the location, so the Council was expected […]

Not voting today gets you guys like this:

By: Diane Benjamin Jeanne Ives: Americans who think they can go through life without being impacted by politics are mistaken, which is why it behooves voters to pay attention to every election. Not voting in a primary today means somebody else gets to pick who is on the ballot in November. Lots of people only […]

5 things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) The special meeting Normal called at 5:45 last night was a waste of time. The promised PASER report is still not done, supposedly it will be by the end of June. Chris Koos wasn’t there, neither was Scott Preston or Karyn Smith. The license plate reading camera presentation will have to […]

Update: Oops, Coates must resign and remove his name from the ballot

he’s resigning https://www.hoiabc.com/2022/06/20/local-man-give-up-two-government-posts-seat-illinois-prisoner-review-board/?fbclid=IwAR0GUqW3BxtjgQ9puNZCIYm6Kqtq5IsgyFRh4MvjW_5VbQyzH6c3-Xaidj8&fs=e&s=cl Edgar County Watchdogs has the story: https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2022/06/prisoner-review-board-appointee-must-resign-from-county-board-bloomington-schools/ Excerpt: We would have thought the Governor’s Office and legal counsel would have determined if he worked elsewhere in a capacity that would hinder such an appointment.  If he is to keep this appointment he needs to immediately resign from the school and from his […]

High gas prices: Government GOLD

By: Diane Benjamin Start with gas taxes: Federal Gas Tax: https://www.marca.com/en/lifestyle/us-news/2022/03/14/622f1813268e3e976c8b4593.html 18.3 cents per gallon 24.3 cents per gallon for diesel Illinois Gas Tax: https://www2.illinois.gov/rev/research/taxrates/Pages/motorfuel.aspx 38.2 cents per gallon 46.7 cents per gallon for diesel Both Bloomington and Normal add another 8 cents per gallon, diesel and gas are the same. Every time you fill […]

Why would Rodney Davis take money from an anti-farmer PAC?

By: Diane Benjamin Phillip Nelson, former Director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture and former Director of the Illinois Farm Bureau, has stated that Candidate Rodney Davis has taken donations from a group who’s mission is directly adversarial to the mission of Illinois’ farmers. We found that Rodney Davis took donations in 2013, 2018, twice […]