Update to Illinois’ Vehicle Trade policy

By:  Diane Benjamin See this previous story:  https://blnnews.com/2019/07/19/new-illinois-vehicle-tax-is-class-warfare/ This law goes into effect on January 1st.  It is one of those brilliant government plans that was slipped into a bill before anybody could protest.  It is also one citizens won’t notice until it hits them. The law limits the amount of vehicle trade-in credit allowed […]

Pam Reece is aggravated with Stan!

By:  Diane Benjamin Pam Reece can’t understand why Stan Nord is questioning the actions of past Councils.  If Pam can’t understand why Stan was elected, she had an opportunity handed to her: Stan has raised questions about a number of issues.  Some of them included Town owned properties being leased for much less than market […]

More proof Connect Transit shouldn’t exist

By:  Diane Benjamin We’ve all seen the empty buses We’ve all seen the inflated ridership numbers We’ve all seen them ignore pleas from people they should be serving. We’ve all seen the huge buses damaging infrastructure It’s obvious they don’t care about anything except their agenda. The agenda we see is to take as much […]

Part 1: Why Chemberly isn’t fit to serve

See part 2 here:  https://blnnews.com/2019/09/16/part-2-why-chemberly-isnt-fit-to-serve/ By:  Diane Benjamin The almost 11 minute speech Cummings gave announcing her candidacy for a seat in Springfield made it clear she isn’t running as a public servant.  If you watch Normal Town Council meetings you see the same thing. If you missed Chemberly proclaiming herself “the royal fortress”, watch […]