Is ISU importing disease?

By:  Diane Benjamin This story raises lots of questions: We know ISU has students from foreign countries.  Since Illinois kids can go to college out of state for less than in Illinois, ISU actively recruits foreign students. 74 countries? This is from the 2019 enrollment recap:  Fall 2019 Enrollment Report Some of those […]

Just the facts: China Corona virus

By:  Diane Benjamin Skip the media hysteria and get Illinois information directly from the the Department of Public Health: The page is updated daily, this is from yesterday.  Note the death rate is less than 1%. The site has an interactive map showing cases by County, most of Illinois has few or no […]

Jesse White needs to resign

By:  Diane Benjamin We know the Secretary of State’s office has screwed up Automatic Voter Registration.  Non-citizens have been registered, some voted.  Incarcerated individuals were mistakenly removed from the voter roles – after they served their time.  Two days ago we found out some people who applied for a Real-ID were taken off the voter […]

Bloomington Budget night

By:  Diane Benjamin Three people spoke at public comment in Bloomington last night, hear them beginning at 11:40.  Gary Lambert spoke about credit card fees and the automatic increases to charges from Bloomington for services.  He also mentioned the zoo snack bar,  He would like to know how much money is being generated and if […]

Notes from court yesterday

By:  Diane Benjamin I sat through a number of cases before the court got to Justin Barr.  If you are ever bored and want to see real live theater, attend a session of criminal court. God has been removed.  Remember when people raised their right hand and promised to tell the truth, the whole truth, […]

David Blumenshine endorsed over Dan Brady

By:  Diane Benjamin Illinois taxed you more last year and Dan Brady helped the Democrats do it: Meanwhile the fiscal condition of Illinois continues to decline: Illinois doesn’t have a revenue problem they have a spending and corruption problem! The only fix is to elect different people for Springfield. Illinois Family Action PAC […]