Election Recap

By:  Diane Benjamin Congrats Illinois.  Democrats are in complete control.  Will somebody please name one place where Democrats have allowed prosperity.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Democrats create dependents, not a vibrant growing economy.   Illinois will collapse under the weight of politicians who refuse to fix the problems. Likely it is too late to leave Illinois since property […]

Connect Transit: More of the same

By:  Diane Benjamin September report:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pLCpemf28nZGauwhZ5Qw4vpqKGZvpJ0C/view Keep in mind this ridiculous use of your money happens across the country.  Cheaper ways to transport people can’t be that difficult.  Note below – ISU has a contract so the kids can ride for free. Expenses are almost 10 times Revenue! Boardings per hour is higher, total ridership […]

Rule of Law Matters because women do LIE

By:  Diane Benjamin In this country the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Allegations mean nothing without proof.  Way too many people think that women should always be believed when they accuse a man of sexual assault.  They are wrong, below is why: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Brian-Banks-Rape-Case-Exonerated-NFL-Atlanta-Falcons-218978851.html Brian Banks was a great high school football player with […]

Ever Dream about a NEW Illinois

Information only.  I’m posting this because I know two of the speakers, they are the good guys in Illinois! Speakers at this meeting will include Rep. Brad Halbrook of Shelbyville, Jim Marter, and Paul Preston, founder of New California. (New California is NOT the 3-way state split referendum that you may have heard about on […]

Atlanta Library’s Liquor problem

By:  Diane Benjamin The Atlanta Public Library does not have a liquor license, but that didn’t stop them from buying MANY cases since 2014.  Yes, your tax dollars paid for it since the cost was put on the Library credit card. In August an investigator from the Illinois Liquor Commission paid them a visit.  The […]