The News Thinks Dan Brady is Wrong

By:  Diane Benjamin I reported in May Dan Brady voted YES on HB 2040 – the bill (now signed into law)  bans private immigration detention centers. I asked him why he voted YES, he told me it would’t affect the Dwight location.  It sounds like Dan is the only person who believes that, the […]

WOW! Bill Brady exposed

By:  Diane Benjamin Before I get to Billy, did you know Robert Brady Sr filed bankruptcy?   This discharge report lists everyone who got taken by Brady:  Brady Discharge – with creditor list What’s Billy up to?  Every wonder how politicians earn a paycheck and somehow end up rich after they have been in office awhile? […]

Illinois is now a Sanctuary State

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s official!  Illegal immigrants can now live, work, and take your tax money without fear.  The Constitution gives the feds the right to control immigration, since laws don’t matter in Illinois Democrats have usurped the Federal government. Living as a legal citizens in Illinois means you get to pay expenses for people […]

Witness slips needed AGAINST Pritzker’s tax

Since you are smart enough to know Pritzker’s Progressive tax isn’t just going to raise taxes on the rich, fill out a Witness Sip against it now!  Yes, they do matter! Enter NONE for any not applicable fields. Mark OPPONENT Mark Record of Appearance Only Track the witness slips here: