Bikers: Ride for Corey Cottrell


On June 22, 2019 Corey died after been hit by a van while riding his motorcycle.  An illegal alien is under arrest for running a red light, not having a driver’s license, and failure to report an accident.


15 thoughts on “Bikers: Ride for Corey Cottrell

  1. Hopefully, it will turn into an straight up, flat out protest of illegal alien criminals that will “trigger” some Leftwing lunatics. If I were killed by one of those subhumans, that is exactly what I would want.

      1. Do you know he was “making money” Diane? A VERY high percentage of illegals are documented to be welfare/food stamp/housing assistance fraudsters, also. Those statistics are beyond question.

        You certainly got the “laws were immaterial” part correct, however.

  2. I was thinking that it was/is to bad they did not ride yesterday and go by the little protest staged in from of BCPA yesterday. Then it occurred to me that might diminish what the ride represents. I however do look at the Pantagraph giving these 30 protesters yesterday a fair amount of press….I do notice they and other local media have yet to note the illegal status of the douche canoe that killed a man and left a wife and 2 kids without a father. I believe maybe a protest ride is in order that would stop and rally in front of the Pantagraph, WEEK, WMBD, WCLT and WJBC…..make people aware of this situation.

  3. For all you liberal open border fanatics this is not about those children being kept down at the border we all want their living conditions to improve. This is about the thousands of illegal men who are crossing and have crossed our border why do think the country’s they are leaving are not stopping them you think many are the undesirables that their country is glad to be rid of ? Don’t give me a statistic that says they kill fewer of us on a percentage basis than we do I will never accept even one death caused by an illegal. My prayers again go out to the Corey Cottrell family.

  4. Motorcycles? Too bad it begins when working people are unavailable. That aside, I am furious at the way this case was handled, knowing full well he would run after he was bailed out. My heart goes out to the Family. Incredibly sad.

  5. Can you find out exact route and time, approximate ? We all stop our cars when a funeral procession goes by or pull over. Have everyone that reads your blog then pass on to anyone they can to stop and pay tribute as they go by. Everyone that feels as we do- Represent !

  6. Hello I’m organizing the ride for Corey! Here is the plan so everyone knows…. I have posted it all over Facebook. We would like for all the bikers to be at Miller Park Pavilion by 2:45pm at the latest so we can get organized and lined up. The route we will be taking is leaving Miller Park and head down Wood St and turn on to North Main St at the light where the accident is we are asking that bikers rev up their bikes at the light to honor Corey then contunue down main St. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me on FB!

  7. Hey Jen C. If your reading this can you do us all a favor and either walk out or fall in front of the riders as they drive thru town? I’m sure you’ll get more justice than Corey and his family is going to get. Welcome Jen!

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