Is Rodriguez illegal?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I believe this guys court appearance has been delayed until tomorrow.  His immigration status is still trying to be determined.  He turned himself in with a lawyer.




This is a picture from the victims Facebook page, unless there is more than one Corey Cottrell living in Normal.  His death if tragic, condolences to his friends and family.


If Jose Rodriguez turns out to be in this country illegally there is much more that should and will be said.








23 thoughts on “Is Rodriguez illegal?

  1. No license issued? Great…. there is probably a reason he has no license… and that reason will probably be ______?


  2. Didn’t the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo, yell ‘Sanctuary’ from the top of the church steeple? He should be the immigration mascot for Il and blm… Wait a minute…I liked Quasimodo.

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      1. Jelly Belly Prickster and his wife Mike, do need gone, unfortunately it won’t happen unless there is maybe a lightning strike or some other act of God, at least for the foreseeable future. Illinois is almost GONE and Bloomington is on the skids. It just kills me when I hear some of my leftist friends, yes I still have some, wax on about how they really LIKE many of the changes that are happening in Illinois and here in BloNo as well, it’s maddening to say the least. Part of me wants to still like these people because some of them do have good hearts (just zombified brains) but I have lost pretty much all respect for them.


  3. According the the Pantagraph’s recent story he is a citizen of Honduras and has been living in the US for 5 years and has never had an Illinois drivers license. So…. Not an American citizen and never had to pass a driver’s license test!

    Comments? Jenn… Renner… Koos???? You should be ashamed of yourselves and your illogical support for criminals!!!

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  4. I’m surprised he turned himself in. It appears from the latest bird cage newspaper article he is not a citizen but from Honduras staying with family. I wonder what the family status is?

    That intersection has been plagued by accidents for a long time. How that building on the corner of Main and MacArthur was ever approved with no set back is beyond me. It was built in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s first used as a doughnut shop as i recall.

    The city and IDOT should have long ago closed that block to thru traffic. That area is nothing but a congested mess of signal lights. Much like the area on south Main near the Dairy Queen. I have seen people run red lights there also.

    So it appears another U.S. citizen lost their life due to an illegal being here. I wonder who is paying for his defense? Us the taxpayers or his family? Let me guess!

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  5. Diane Benjamin – This article (4 written sentences) does nothing to bring any real content to the story. You’re not even sure if you have the right FB profile of the deceased. That’s really sad and disrespectful. Mostly you just write speculations and asking baited questions. This is pathetic writing. Iv’e written more in my reply, sitting on the toilet, than you have in this article.


    1. Thanks for being a journalism critic…. If you had done 1/1000 of the work that Diane does to tell the truth and hold the establishment accountable, I might have a little respect for you. So what have you done to make the establishment uncomfortable and tell the people the truth? Please give us a list of your publications with links so we can all read what you have written? We are waiting for you Keith….


  6. I honestly don’t think his immigration status has jack squat to do with that fact that he disregarded a red light and senselessly killed an innocent man. Now don’t get me wrong, am I for illegal immigrants being in this country without going through the proper channels to become legalized or even getting a work visa? Absolutely not. But please don’t turn Corey’s tragic death into a political immigration argument. It’s no different if it was a white man driving the van. Bottom line is some moron (no matter their color or citizen status) wasn’t paying attention and took the life of an amazing man who had so much going for him. What blows my mind is that there were witnesses that said 2 adults got out of the van, grabbed 2 young children and ran. I sure as heck hope they go after the 2nd adult that was in the van for leaving the scene of a fatal accident/failing to report an accident.

    Corey was a dear friend of mine and his story needs to be heard. Not the fool that senselessly took his life.


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