Tari’s Racist comment isn’t going away

Link to WEEK TV story: https://week.com/news/bloomington-normal-news/2019/06/24/black-chamber-of-commerce-member-addressed-bloomington-mayors-racial-comments-at-council-meeting/


By:  Diane Benjamin

Public Comment during the Bloomington City Council meeting featured two speakers from outside of Bloomington who felt they had to travel area to confront the mayor.  The first guy was Cornel Darden representing the South Suburban Region Black Chamber of Commerce.  Hear his comments at 14:34.

The second guy was Kirk Allen of the Edgar County Watchdogs.  The last time he spoke several years ago his comment mysteriously disappeared from the official video.  He mentioned that during his comments.  Hear Kirk at 22:34.

Cornel is from Joliet.  I had a chance to ask him about David Hales.  The talk in Joliet is that Hales was hired and fired on purpose to give the mayor more power.  A new City Manager has not been hired.  The mayor has been acting as the City Manager since last October.

Tari still hasn’t realized how offensive his comment was.  Listen to the video here:  https://blnnews.com/2019/05/25/tari-renner-clarence-thomas-doesnt-act-afro-american/

Hit play for Cornel Darden:

19 thoughts on “Tari’s Racist comment isn’t going away

  1. Tari is still saying his comment was him being singled out by a right wing blogger….Public Comment was great last night. It was interesting to watch Tari fumble after Kirk Allen spoke. He almost could not find the last speaker’s card. To me this is just further proof of his absolute disregard for strong women. I’ve witnessed and personally experienced this during public comment as he laughed while women made public comment, his treatment of female council members, and his treatment of a certain blogger. He is a pig.

  2. FYI, Cormel Darden was also interviewed on WEEK-TV as part of the 10pm show Monday night concerning Renner’s comment. A link to the story below….
    The story originally started (on air) to discuss Connect Transit and their situation, but the reporter then discussed Tari and his racist comments. I do like how each time this topic comes up Tari adds an adjective to try to write off the event, now up to 3 “very extreme right-wing blogger.”
    Assuming Jenn still has her little flag display going on. I wonder why someone fro the VFW has not made comment publicly. .

    1. That’s an excellent idea. I wonder what the reaction would be to a veteran reading the Flag Code? Tari and Jenn would undoubtedly continue in their arrogant demeanor.

  3. Still Watching/listening, but on the Cormel Darden segment, I think he let Tarry the 1st off a little too easy but I still think he managed to make a point – I am waiting for someone, someone who has the credentials to do so especially, to really nail the little worm in one of these meetings. I think it’s coming. Illinois needs RID of Pritzker and Bloomington needs RID of Tarry, and getting rid of Tarry is up to only the voters of Bloomington, surely we can manage to get enough people who are sick of this arrogant tiny little twerp to unseat him in the next election. We have to wait longer to get rid of Pritzker and there may not even be enough “normals” left in Illinois by that time to accomplish it.

  4. Kirk Allen, was excellent. Yes, Tari “Beta” (think Beto here, there are similarities) Renner, do as the alpha male says and resign, like, today and move away I think Champaign is calling, or just go all out and move to San Francisco, you will be very at home there and no I am not inferring anything about being gay but because San Francisco is a rapidly failing s-hole that is run by nothing but a bevy of “smart people” like yourself… .

  5. What, as opposed to the many racist ramblings of your commenters who called Obama a “thug” and other racist opinions that are rampant on this blog? Or maybe your insistence that you’re somehow a slave because you have to pay taxes? There’s a lot of faux outrage here to say the least.

      1. You heavy monitor this comment section. You claim to not allow commenters who call people names, but there are literary hundreds comments on this blog that call people names that are charged with racism. Your own personal repeated comment that you’re a “slave” is highly racist and inaccurate to say the least. There are other comments on this blog that are anti-gay and anti-immigrant. You certainly don’t practice what you preach. It’s pretty hypocritical.

      2. For Kurt whatever. Somehow my computer liked your comment, have no idea why as your are worthless. I challenge you to show racist comments by specific citation. BTW calling you an ass is not racist as everybody has one.

    1. Personally “Kurt” I remember very few if any “racist ramblings” stated here over the years, speaking truth does not mean speaking racism – calling Clarence Thomas “not black enough” (essentially) does indeed smack of racism however and the most insidious sort at that. I’ll bet you think “your darkies” need to be protected as well and kept in line on the plantation because they could never manage on their own without your handouts that tell them where they can live and what they can buy, and even now it seems how they have to act and live – People like YOU are one of the greatest obstacles to the African American community, and many are waking up to that fact – y’all kept the ruse going for a long time though, not quite as long as LBJ predicted, but a good long time – hopefully more and more will be waking up and since y’all fear that, herein is the driving force behind the all of a sudden embrace of the “migrants” (well organized well funded migrants at that) – the lot of you are a cancer on this country, you make healthy people feel quite sick as well with your virtue signaling and your constant pitting of one group against another – you are losing and I for am delighted to watch your decline – way back in a different life I lived comfortably among “you” I was an idiot, but something in me never 100% joined the club, thank God I got out when I did, but, those many years gave me an insight into many of you and I KNOW the final results that have been dreamed of by you and your ilk. Yes, there are many just like me, so be afraid, your world really is being pulled down, even though you are all fighting like cornered rats now and are still dangerous, the end WILL come. I also hope that the “new brown people”, the Hispanics, start to figure your little game out much faster than Blacks have, but now that they have started doing it, the dominoes are falling rapidly (are dominoes racist now?)

  6. Why is it racist to call Obummer a thug? Thug is a universal connotation. Kurt today, Karlton yesterday, idiot always.

  7. Hey Tari. I know that you know that you are the mayor. Heck you even got yourself a city of Bloomington shirt identifying you as mayor so you must know. Anyway in regards to that “extreme right wing blogger” that singles you out, I just gotta tell you that your actions are not her fault. It’s all you bro.
    Ain’t nobody responsible for your actions but you.

  8. The Mayor’s comments about his status with IWU; there is no reason to for him to abstain from Council activities involving the University.
    Council Activity involving the employer of any Council Person, could be subject to bias. The Council Person should step away from such circumstances.
    The current Mayor is not a member of the Bloomington City Council. However…

  9. Tari is NOT RESPONSIBLE for his actions-just ASK HIM! Some folks just open their mouth and vile nonsense flows out , like lava out of a volcano! That’s why Jen sits to Taris side, as they BOTH have nothing GOOD to say or otherwise! As for Taris comment, give it time, it’ll go away-WHY, because he’ll say something that’s even more reprehensible!

    1. Won’t be missed Tari and glad to see you stepped up to my challenge Kurt Jackass.

  10. It still amazes me,Diane, that you and two other rt wingers are so talented! You can sit in your home and manipulate the words of others. Your talents are needed in DC!

    Mayor Narcissists will NEVER no matter how many times he is confronted,will apologize for these remarks. He cant , its part of the narcissist disorder. He suffers from the “I can do or say nothing wrong” syndrome. Kinda makes you wonder what he says in his lectures doesnt it?

    So sad to see Tari disrespect Mr. Darden by blithering and spewing the same old lies. Bad enough he embarasses the citizens of Bloomington with his twattle,but to spew it at a man from out of town is really pathetic.

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