Tari Renner: Clarence Thomas doesn’t act Afro-American

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari did show up at his Open House last night.  He was surrounded by people who wanted their voices heard on the Connect Transit Board.  The conversation turned to “diversity”.

Diversity in Tari’s world is people of all skin colors who agree with everything he thinks.  Diversity of thought isn’t allowed.

Tari’s comments are in response to a lady who spoke of the need for diversity on the Connect Transit Board.  She meant representation by people who must use the bus because they have no other transportation available.  She was concerned that people in north Normal will not have service once the Olive line is discontinued.

Below is Tari’s response to her comments.  Maria Nagle from the Pantagraph was present.  Is she going to report what he said?  I believe a reporter from WJBC was too, no story posted.  Are Tari’s comments okay with Not In Our Town?

I have a much longer video that I might post later.  Tari has no intention of appointing representatives to the Connect Transit Board who represent the riders.  Tari represents himself and the Chamber of Commerce.  He will appoint representatives who believe the same way he does.




17 thoughts on “Tari Renner: Clarence Thomas doesn’t act Afro-American

  1. Nice picture right up front of video. Renner looks tired, stressed, pale, sunken eyes. He looks like an extra from “One Fleew Over the Cuckoos Nest.”

  2. Renner pooped in his tepee. May be time for a nervous breakdown, hope it occurs in public.

    1. Yes Tarry, please enlighten us oh glorious professor. – By the way, on my end it says that the video is “broken”. Don’t know if anyone else has had this problem I meant to mention it last time.

  3. Mayor Renner clearly knows nothing about Clarence Thomas. As a child he lived in a one room ahack with dirt floors and no plumbing
    His dad walked out on the family when Clarence waa two yeara ols.

  4. How does Renner get away with saying these things with no accountability? Will anyone hold him responsible for this? (besides Diane)

  5. Renner “speaking” on diversity is about the same as taking gun safety courses from Elmer Fudd..
    IF it don’t have the “Tari lean” on it or it’s NOT his ideal to start with , it’s a no-go..
    Hard to believe they even let him NEAR our youth..

  6. Clarence Thomas ran away from the plantation long ago, in fact I don’t think he was ever on it to be honest – Renner and the other slave catchers can’t catch him so they have to try and slam him down at any opportunity – Clarence doesn’t dance for Renner and his fellow overseers so therefore he must not be “black enough” – and that is the cold honest truth of the matter, truth is often harsh.

  7. Well stated Ronin… But since Tari seems to have been there, he can speak with AUTHORITY! Just like he can on economic development, downtown, our economy and the world in general..
    Only WISH he could understand SIMPLE economics & business… Unfortunately, he’s a poli sci prof, and probably not REAL expert at that either.. OR he would NOT have stated this nonsense!

  8. Tari Tax’n Lying Renner once again makes up “facts” to support his flawed life and his small man issues.
    The True Facts:
    Thomas lived in a house without indoor plumbing till age 7 at which time he was moved to his grandparents (his father left his family scene when he was 2). At age 10 his grandfather had him working in the family farm from sunrise to sunset. So Tari—what is your ignorant point?
    Tari your comment was RACIST any one can see this….
    Tari your comment was a type of profiling….just what profile fits your moronic viewpoint as to what is an Afro American?

    Now the hard questions….
    NAACP of Bloomington/Normal—-will you hold Tari responsible for his profiling and racism?
    ACLU Local Chapter—your organization has tied up the courts with profiling cases (airport TSA, police arrests to name a few), what have you to say about Tari’s profiling comments
    NIOT–=This should be right up your alley, the mayor of the town has shown his racism by his comments. I would think you do not wish to support or allow this mayor to continue since the is what NOT IN OJR TOWN is supposably fighting..
    Garcia and Carillo you should be practicing what you preach by making it clear to your followers that is NOT (to happen) IN OUR TOWN thus this is not acceptable.

    Please do not destroy this video….hopefully you will allow whoever runs against Tax’n Lying Tari to use it as part of an ad campaign to show the real Tari Renner. That, a couple of censures, showing empty storefronts and failing infra structure, some pictures of the little Chicago Hood plus a rainbow wearing cameo maybe finally wake some of these dead head voters up and get their ass to the polls.

    BTW (Minimum wage Nagle) has yet to even file a story about the meeting, I love the Pantagraph’s BS about no “hard copy” paper on Monday. We all know it is about not wanting to pay extra holiday pay to get it to your home. I wish they would attempt to hold the same ideals when it comes to spiked pensions and other government waste.

  9. Media will do nothing on this because they have the same political leanings as both mayors. Renner has basically lived in a protective bubble his whole life so he wouldn’t have any idea what he is talking about anyway. Likely no interactions with black people his entire life. Has spent whole professional life in liberal arts college environments where the only blacks on campus are two or three that play football or basketball. IWU has always intentionally closed itself off to actively recruiting black students unless they can help them win some athletic contest. It’s a school tailor-made for suburban and small town spoiled brats where parents will pay top dollar to protect their babies from experiencing the real world. Only able and willing to talk the talk.

  10. Does Renner have color matching snap together glasses now? How gay. Is that diversity, or,,,? But, wait.

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