Connect Transit: More of the same

By:  Diane Benjamin September report: Keep in mind this ridiculous use of your money happens across the country.  Cheaper ways to transport people can’t be that difficult.  Note below – ISU has a contract so the kids can ride for free. Expenses are almost 10 times Revenue! Boardings per hour is higher, total ridership […]

THUD – Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin October 2nd Board of Trustees Packet The September meeting was moved to October. August consultants: It only took 2 months to lose almost $2,000,000! PDF page 10: Cost per trip last August was $3.71, in August of 2018 it was $4.07.  Cost per trip for Connect Mobility went up too, see the next […]

Roads weren’t made for HUGE buses

By:  Diane Benjamin h/t Doug Fansler, Normal resident Besides devouring at least $800,000 a month government stole from you to fund it, Connect Transit is destroying infrastructure.  The roads weren’t built for huge buses.  The roads weren’t built so buses could make right turns, especially if traffic is sitting in the far lane. Remember when a […]

The Connect Transit Fleece

By:  Diane Benjamin The below numbers are un-audited, but they do show an entire year’s worth of taxpayer abuse.  Has anybody else noticed the bus windows are tinted darker now?  I wonder if it’s an attempt to hide the emptiness? Should we celebrate they lost $1.2 million less than budgeted?  Roads won’t be fixed because […]

Things that don’t need a whole story

By:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois Supreme Court just ruled Danville is responsible for injuries a woman sustained because she tripped on an uneven sidewalk: If government stuck to essential services, like maintaining sidewalks, they wouldn’t have a problem.  Bloomington has a BIG one. ____________________________________________ WGLT held a forum to discuss local media last week.  […]

Bloomington 2019 budget – Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin PDF page 360: It’s really fun to have weeks when neither City Council is meeting.  I finally have a chance to look at other things and neither is presenting schemes to separate you from your money! The below is from the Bloomington 2019 budget.   It is the history of how much […]