Connect Transit spending (THEFT!)

Note:  Layoff notices were sent to all employees November 1, 2016.  Just weeks after the below happened.

By:  Diane Benjamin

I recently received a FOIA request from Connect Transit for these three items:

ctIt turns out the list of spending approved by the Board in the packet for July was incorrect.  Evidently the Board never questioned $14,501.01 being listed as travel two months in a row.

Another reader FOIA’d some actual credit card statements.  More on that in a minute.

Guess what $2,618.88 to Sodexo is?

They threw themselves a party!


In 2015 the operating loss was $9,939,281.30 – – and they WON system of the year!

Um, what does that say about all the other systems?

PDF page 7:,%202016%20Regular%20Board%20Meeting%20Binder1.pdf

Back to travel . . .

See the Credit Card statements here – I don’t suggest looking on a full stomach:  visa-statements-10-15-to-10-16

I could pick out a number of items, but let’s look at the trip to San Fransisco and who went:


David White:

Melissa Chrisman:
Jennifer Clark:
Issac Thorne:
Andrew Johnson:

It only cost taxpayers a little over $7,700!

Why did FIVE employees have to go?

Did you see the Crab House for $474.00?

Anybody think the State of Illinois should pay them?

Anybody think the Board should all resign?

In case you forgot who is on the Board:






  1. Carol Rogers says:

    You are an amazing woman, my friend! Thank you for being an investigative journalist.



  2. Way to go Diane! Great work exposing this.


  3. Melissa and Andrew have a rather large hotel bill in relation to the others. Given the local impropriety for reporting travel expenses, I wonder if there was room service involved.


  4. Can’t be TRUE, it wasn’t in the PANTAGRAPH! Nearly $500 for CRAB! why they could have bought the WHOLE darn boat almost!



  1. […] The conference in Atlanta was held in San Francisco last year: […]


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