UPDATE: Renner violates the law – AGAIN

Tari responded to a public comment last night against Council policy.  Yes there is case law that says the Bloomington ordinance is illegal because it violates free speech.  How many other illegal laws does Bloomington have Tari?  Should the citizens question more laws?  Maybe illegal ordinances should be changed instead of just broken!

By:  Diane Benjamin

If a Primary is needed for the next local elections, it will be held February 28, 2017.  I believe there will be Primary in the race for Mayor.

This is from the local campaign law.  Start on this page:   http://dev.becvote.org/wordpress/information/

Then click where it says:  Bloomington political sign ordinance here.

renner-signsIt isn’t 90 days before an election yet!

Laws don’t matter when Tari Renner wants his campaign signs littering Bloomington!

He’s probably got more, but here is two violations:

rennersignsign2aIs the Council going to hold Renner accountable for violating local ordinances?

Laws only matter if you aren’t elected – so don’t hold your breath.

Tari doesn’t believe in the Open Meetings Act or the Freedom of Information Act.  Why would election law ordinances matter?

(90 days is December 1st)

Tari is even advertising on his Facebook page!









  1. And the week before the election 4 years ago, they sent city workers around to remove any campaign signs that were not on private property (or even if it was on vacant land that was not owned by the city). Lane

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  2. Case law apparently trumps city code. Home rule double standard/double speak.


    • I actually knew there was case law, this was to point out how Bloomington’s laws don’t matter. If they are going to keep illegal laws on their books I wonder how many other illegal laws they have!


    • Whichever version of the law suits their purpose is the one that will be used. Most people are not aware of case law. Actually, many city codes haven’t been change since the 1980s and 90s.


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