Normal is getting another trail

By: Diane Benjamin I can’t imagine why Mayor Bike Shop wants another trail extension, but he does. It looks like yet another grant has been lined up meaning people across the country and State get to pay for what Normal wants: This project is out for bid: It will be fun to see what […]

Believe in ballot Access? Prove it

By: Diane Benjamin Illinois makes it difficult for political parties other than Democrats and Republicans to have ballot access. Parties like the Libertarians have to collect many more signatures than either of the others. It isn’t fair and it sure isn’t “democracy”. If you want to see how Illinois discriminates against 3rd parties, see this […]

The Tuttle Rebuttals: 40 Responses to Popular Political and Economic Myths

You may have heard about Tuttle Twins books for kids. This is publication is for everyone. The document is free, it’s education for those who want Common Sense principles instead of government propaganda. If you don’t know how to respond to today’s issues, this will help. I suggest voting for people who don’t push myths. […]

Zoning in Normal: Equal enforcement?

By: Diane Benjamin There is a severe housing shortage locally. Chris Koos is planning on welcoming between 50 and 250 illegal aliens here anyway. Where does that authority come from? Is Koos “compassion” is really to get more funding for his underpass? Where are they going to live? Who is paying the expenses? The elected […]

Donna Boelen is running for re-election

PRESS RELEASE: September 28, 2022 This is to announce my intention to run for re-election in the 2023 ConsolidatedElection as Alderman representing Ward 2, located in the Southwest region of theCity of Bloomington. My focus is and has been fiscal responsibly and sensible stewardship of taxpayer dollars. I acknowledge that the role of municipal government […]

Report from Normal’s Planning Session:

By: Diane Benjamin Karl Sila attended this meeting: Karl is circulating petitions to run for Trustee on the Normal Council. He sent this report to me, staff has scrapped all previous planning for projects that haven’t been started yet. That includes subleasing the ridiculous rent for the second floor of 1 Uptown Circle. Normal […]

Maybe Democrats can elect Scott Preston

By: Diane Benjamin Democrat Sharon Chung coddles criminals. In case you missed Mclean County Sheriff John Sandage detailing Chung’s antics with those held in the County jail, see the video here: Worse, Democrats on the County Board were not upset with Chung’s actions, they were mad that Sandage was allowed to speak to the […]

Bloomington, still planning on how to give away money

By: Diane Benjamin Alderman Julie Emig was absent, Dee Urban was sick but attended remotely. The only item pulled from the Consent Agenda was a Liquor License so Grant Walsh could ask if a video gaming license was included. It isn’t because Bloomington limits the number of licenses. FYI: Limiting licenses only enriches those who […]

Bloomington tonight: Want to avoid lawsuits?

By: Diane Benjamin Packet: The State of Illinois and local governments violated the Illinois Constitution by closing businesses and depriving landlords of income. Bloomington made it worse by sending unpaid water bills to landlords after telling renters they don’t have to pay. Illinois Constitution-Bill of Rights Government told renters they don’t have to pay […]

Note to Veterans from Art Rodriguez: Camp Lejeune

Many of you have employees, friends, or even family members that are Veterans and may qualify for VA Benefits.  Lately, the media has been blasted with claims about Marines in Camp Lejeune, 3M Hearing loss, Burn Pits, and many other illnesses derived from these exposures.  Lawyers are NOT needed for these types of claims.  A […]

Kiss Springfield Goodbye Scott Preston

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Even with these donations, Preston has far less money than his opponent: You are going to want to sell your house without a realtor after this! (FYI they threw a ton of money to the elites during the last local election in Normal too) This will also prove […]

Democrats need to say why abortion in Illinois is up until birth

By: Diane Benjamin With Democrats in complete control of Illinois, they need to answer for what they did. Screeching about a women’s right to choose is only because they have nothing else to run on. Read below and then ask Sharon Chung where she stands! Your minor child can get an abortion without you knowing: […]

In case Koos wants RC McBride to run for Council again:

By: Diane Benjamin Keep in mind RC McBride is the WGLT General Manager. Media is expected to keep government in line, not be part of it. McBride is government as chairman of the Normal Planning Commission. He proves why Koos doesn’t reveal appointments in advance so the citizens have a heads up and can voice […]

Have the citizens of Normal noticed?

By: Diane Benjamin Nothing is new here. Normal has a long record of disregarding the wishes of citizens. I can’t possibly remember everything, but start with the most recent and work back. All of the below have stories on, use Search if you want more information. A. Normal ignored the rights of citizens in […]

The truth about District 10 candidate Corey Beirne

By: Diane Benjamin Corey Beirne teaches more than music to 600 Unit 5 students. He is also teaching transgender and LBGT+ ideology to ELEMENTARY STUDENTS. Beirne gave this speech in June of 2021 to the Unit 5 School Board, they must approve since he’s still there. (Unit 5 wants more money? For this?) Beirne mentions […]

I got my vote buying check today, got yours?

By: Diane Benjamin The check I received has rebates for both income and property taxes. The amount is immaterial when compared to the Pritzker tax increases, renters don’t get property tax rebates even though property taxes are included in the rent they pay: Remember Pritzker doubling the gas tax? Adding $50 to the price […]

Judge Kording rules against the citizens

By: Diane Benjamin Kording ruled Normal is an Incorporated Town. Normal now has to live the consequences of that decision. Illinois law does not provide a path for citizens to district Incorporated Towns. The citizens of Normal will continue to be treated like dogs by their government because they have no recourse other than voting. […]

Tim Gleason wasn’t at the Council meeting, I bet I know why

By: Diane Benjamin I bet Tim is in Columbus Ohio attending the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Annual Conference. “With four days of learning, inspiration, and connection, attendees leave equipped with the tools and support they need to make their communities a better place to live, work, and play.” In other words, learn new ways […]

Breaking News: The Truth about Stan Nord and the Executive Session:

By: Diane Benjamin Remember when Stan Nord was denied the right to participate remotely in an off-schedule Executive Session? Stan wasn’t allowed to participate because it was an illegal meeting to discuss the referendum. Pam Reece knew Stan Nord was unavailable the day of the meeting, she scheduled it that day on purpose, then […]

Normal was back to SHORT meeting last night

By: Diane Benjamin Without Stan Nord present the Council meeting lasted a whole 8 minutes. The video is 9 minutes and 24 seconds, but the meeting doesn’t start at 0:00. Nothing was pulled from the consent agenda, Karyn Smith asked a few questions about the Water Main replacement that is WAY over what was budgeted. […]

Koos, McCarthy, Huonker, Dullard, and Day should get the bill

By: Diane Benjamin David Shestokas has spent 87.5 hours so far because of the referendum challenge. All of the above know they are going to lose, therefore they should get the bill. To donate by check:  Citizens for Districting Normal 21 Grandview Drive Normal, IL  61761-4071 Go Fund Me is available on the website   Note:  […]

Kording moves hearing to Monday

By: Diane Benjamin A Zoom hearing was held this morning to hear the filing by the State’s Attorneys office representing County Clerk Kathy Michael. She is bound by Federal Law to mail ballots to service members 45 days before the election. She can’t print the ballots before the referendum issue is decided or risk having […]

Breaking News: County Board picks Don Knapp’s replacement

By: Diane Benjamin At tonight’s meeting the County Board voted in what sounded unanimous for Erika Reynolds to fill out the rest of Don Knapp’s term. Erika is a current employee of the State’s Attorney’s office. Don Knapp has been appointed judge in the Circuit Court and is running unopposed in November for the same […]

1 Uptown Circle finally has a restaurant

By: Diane Benjamin The new restaurant was announced on Facebook: How much is Normal rebating? Since nothing happens in Uptown without incentives look for food and beverage tax rebates and maybe some free parking for customers in the garage. Review this story for details of what Normal wanted in this space back in 2016: […]

Update: WGLT: Go deeper

I was just informed Missouri has withdrawn from ERIC too. You have to read the story to understand why! By: Diane Benjamin See this story: The story completely falls apart when they get to ERIC: Electronic Registration Information Center. States bought into this tiny group – 3 employees according to their tax returns – […]