I got my vote buying check today, got yours?

By: Diane Benjamin

The check I received has rebates for both income and property taxes. The amount is immaterial when compared to the Pritzker tax increases, renters don’t get property tax rebates even though property taxes are included in the rent they pay: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/pritzkers-record-24-tax-fee-hikes-taking-5-24-billion-more-from-illinoisans/

Remember Pritzker doubling the gas tax? Adding $50 to the price of a sticker for your car? Why would anyone play video games in restaurants and bars when up to 50% goes to the state? See the list of tax increases at the link above. Notice the ones on businesses? Democrats think businesses pay that tax. They don’t, they raise their prices so they can pay them, they don’t have stacks of cash in the back room.

After the election the gas tax will go up again and the grocery tax will be back. Both were vote buying schemes.

There is a campaign under way to show Pritzker you can’t be bought. Donate your check to Darren Bailey. https://baileyforillinois.com/

One more thing: If you itemize your taxes the property tax portion will be federally taxable this year since you took a deduction for it last year: https://www2.illinois.gov/rev/programs/Rebates/Pages/default.aspx

See the last line in Frequently Asked Questions.





6 thoughts on “I got my vote buying check today, got yours?

  1. Will Democrats who passed away be getting a check because they will be voting in the next election also?

    With all this free money floating around I might go back to college and take advantage of it. I want something easy to work on like basket weaving, candle stick making. Something not needed in the workforce. Get a job, oh heck no.

  2. Yesterday Biden was on Twitter bragging about how a 2 car home is saving $140 a month in gas since June….This check is kind of like that. We stole 5,000 but we are so awesome we will give you $500 back.

    Not to change the subject but if you want to know who NOT to vote for just go to the IBEW hall on Biech Road and Fox creek. They have signs for all the criminals.

  3. That rebate is being supplied with TAXPAYERS DOLLARS. Just remember that when your taxes go up and the services go down.

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