The truth about District 10 candidate Corey Beirne

By: Diane Benjamin

Corey Beirne teaches more than music to 600 Unit 5 students. He is also teaching transgender and LBGT+ ideology to ELEMENTARY STUDENTS. Beirne gave this speech in June of 2021 to the Unit 5 School Board, they must approve since he’s still there. (Unit 5 wants more money? For this?)

Beirne mentions his students that don’t want to be touched are respected. How exactly are they being TOUCHED Corey?

Note the scruffy beard, it comes and goes – especially when he wants to clean himself up to run for County Board.

Here’s another looks at Corey Beirne at school, he doesn’t believe parents set values for their kids. He believes he does:

That is the same guy without the eye patch.

Finally, you should know Corey Beirne promises to teach Critical Race Theory even if it’s illegal. That ideology teaches judging people based on the color of their skin instead of character. See this story:

Also see this story:

A guy who pledges to break the law because of his ideology shouldn’t be anywhere near a County Board seat or be teaching at Unit 5. If your child is in his classroom this year, get your child out! Don’t give Unit 5 another dime until they clean out the woke indoctrinators.

Evidently the Democrat Party could only find one guy to run in District 10 when 2 seats are open. This is all they could find.





10 thoughts on “The truth about District 10 candidate Corey Beirne

  1. 1. I will actively support any candidate running against Corey Beirne.
    2. Does the Unit 5 administration condone Beirne’s teaching approach? People in authority positions that push radical sexual and racial ideology that is not expressly supported by the district should be either fired or a statement of support and policy should be issued by the district. If it is not supported by the district, his teaching approach is based on authority figure intimidation and abuse. Legal action is justified.
    3. The Unit 5 Equity Action Plan is fundamentally CRT based. There is no question, no debate about that. Although they have not taken the radical steps of the ideology yet, they have the foundation in place to do so. Corey Beirne appears to be on the cutting edge of advancing the district’s movement toward the most radical aspects of the ideology. In my opinion this will end up in a parental revolt similar to what we have seen elsewhere in America.
    4. Currently only an estimated 25% of Unit 5 parents are aware of the district’s Equity Action Plan.

  2. Dude looks and sounds like he is pretty enamored with himself. Typical BN resident. Glad I don’t have to subject myself to these fishes in their little ponds anymore.

  3. I listened to this clown’s “speech,” and how one gets from “abuse and consent” to boys’ and girls’ clothing in back-to-back sentences is telling indeed.

  4. Hey, Corey, don’t underestimate the damage people like you can do to kids by messing up their heads with your ridiculous opinions, twisted interpretations and outright lies. No wonder y’all like ’em “young and dumb” and do your utmost to keep them dumb.

  5. Hiring this guy shows EXACTLY what the school administrators think of YOU – and your christian family values. Now get back to work and pay your taxes – u got Beirne’s salary to pay.


  6. The only reason Unit 5 appears to be treading lightly at the moment with comprehensive sex education that fully signed onto, AND the diversity equity inclusion garbage, is because they want $14,000,000 more of our tax money, on top of the $22,000,000 they got in 2021 from the feds. VOTE NO on the Unit 5 tax increase. And for those parents who do know the damage that weikle and the board have done to Unit 5, can you please wake the other parents up? Too many do not know.

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