What should happen to teachers who publicly state they will Violate the Law?

By: Diane Benjamin This Unit 5 teacher did:

He supposedly teaches music. I wonder how Critical Race Theory fits into music?

The story:


Here Are The Thousands Of Teachers Who Say They’re Willing To Violate Law To Keep Pushing CRT


Thousands of teachers have pledged to continue teaching based on critical race theory even if state laws ban it — contradicting those who claim nothing like that has ever been taught in schools.

The Zinn Education Project, named after the anti-American and factually challenged historian Howard Zinn, has collected signatures from more than 4,200 teachers who “Pledge to Teach the Truth: Despite New State Bills Against It.”

The pledge was started to counter states making the teaching of CRT illegal. Why should any teacher who signs this pledge keep their teacher certificate?
  • Violating the law is fine? What other laws are they ignoring?
  • If they teach illegal curriculum that means they aren’t teaching the required curriculum
  • If they teach CRT when parents oppose teaching racism, they are violating the trust parents place in teachers
  • Teachers who illegally teach CRT are setting an example for students that breaking laws is okay
  • Are those who just sign any different? The message they are sending is still the same
  • Since he signed the pledge that must mean he IS teaching CRT! Care School Board?
So far only one area teacher is on the list:

Give me a good reason why he shouldn’t be fired! Tenure and the teachers union aren’t good enough. He has violated the trust parents have in him to educate and the HUGE bucks they are paying for it. Beirne claims to teach 600 kids. That’s a whole lot of shoveling crap to erase Martin Luther King’s dream. Look at the entire list of teachers willing to break the law. It’s appalling, as is Corey Beirne.






11 thoughts on “What should happen to teachers who publicly state they will Violate the Law?

  1. Let’s just all cut to the chase about what “critical race theory” is REALLY about. It has positively ZERO to do with black people. It’s a communist division tactic pure and simple, straight from the playbook. So obvious to anyone with a brain. This evil clown even looks like your typical snarky vindictive communist who, typically enough, has been purposely let loose on children to indoctrinate. CRT is just the straw man for what these people are really up to.

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  2. Parents need to demand an outline of the curriculum and a list of books assigned in ALL classes.
    Any teacher caught teaching students to be racists (CRT) in their classroom should be fired on the spot.
    A civil rights and/or hate crimes law suit should be filed as soon as possible against any school found to be teaching CRT, or its related principles of inherent racism, division of students by skin color, racial bias, or race based hiring or firing.

    To the Republican Leadership – you are dropping the ball!

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  3. What is bigger than the CRT debate is he openly teaching our children to disobey the law. Many youth have been imprisoned, damaged their future with a felony record, or have been shot and killed because they disobeyed the law. This union teacher is touting civil disobedience. Not only is what he is doing wrong, it is endangering the lives and future of children. It is the legislator’s job to set rules, not lone wolf elementary and high school teachers.

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  4. Just to let you know, they’ve actually been teaching this stuff already. I remember books by Howard Zinn and a book about John Lewis being used in the classroom between 2015-2018. So they’ve been pedaling this crap for awhile unfortunately.

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    1. Oh, much longer than that. In my own experience it’s been brewing and fermenting steadily in the colleges ever since the 70’s it really revved up in the 90s and by the late 2000’s it was in full speed ahead mode and now it’s in top gear nearly everywhere since all of those little empty heads and mushy minds who were heavily indoctrinated in education classes are now teaching themselves and spreading the poisoned curriculum. Education, journalism, film/theater, social services and law were fields that were all heavily infiltrated by the far left by design. Never forget for a minute how these people plan very far ahead and are indoctrinated with the belief that it is all for the cause, the “struggle”. You can’t just take a pot shot now and then at one individual or another or one school system or another it has to be a full court press, the left must be overwhelmed with opposition, daily, and constantly or they will just keep on, and remember they have also infiltrated the judicial and legislative fields as well, further stacking the deck in their favor.

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      1. Yes Ronin, and we are being let down again by our so called Republican leadership. Too afraid to address anything that might offend someone. If the shoe were on the other foot and Republicans were dishing this trash there would be Congressional hearings, threats of impeachment, lawsuits, and wall to wall coverage full of outrage by the MSM.

        I’m not sure which is worse at this point, the spread of Marxist ideology or feckless Republicans that stand back wide eyed and hope it just goes away.

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  5. Oh you have no argument from me on the weak and feckless republican “leadership” in many areas and elected positions and they work with the left to shut down anyone who is getting too strong or building a base that peels off from them and threatens their do nothing but get paid cushy life – go to the parties, go on the trips, hobnob with each other on taxpayer money – it’s a cushy life, just go along to get along and ruffle no feathers and you’ll be fine. And YES Trump exposed them to many people who previously had no idea.

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