Illinois school policy for transgender bathroom use

By: Diane Benjamin

This document from the Illinois State Board of Education is dated March 9, 2020:

The subtitle to this document is:


PDF page 10:

See now why Illinois passed HB 156?

This bill is headed for Pritzker’s signature:

That’s boys and girls restrooms.

Your kids are still in public school?

Link to bill:

9 thoughts on “Illinois school policy for transgender bathroom use

  1. Seems to me the only way around this legislation is for every heterosexual student to immediately demand a Gender Support Plan from their school district to protect their gender identity as a straight person. I’d loved to see Unit 5 or 87 flooded with requests.

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  2. So any 16 year old boy can suddenly identify as female and enter the girls locker-room? Is this what I am reading? So we have to make it safe for this student, but disregard the safety of the other 100 girls in that same locker-room? This is absurd! It will only take one student being assaulted or photographed and lawsuits will commence. This is just beyond comprehension. I don’t care how you identify, who you sleep with, or what fetish you have as long as you are not an a-hole. However, out kids need protected. KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!! Kindergarten through Senior year of high school. You use the bathroom and locker-room based on your birth sex. End of story. What in the holy hell!

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    1. I appreciate the sentiment behind this, but do you know what tuition is for private school? $5,000-$10,000 per year. I have twins. $20,000 a year for school on top of the $4000 that I already pay taxes on that are supposed to go to the schools. I don’t know many families that could afford this. While I am a well educated person ( I think), I don’t think I would be good at home schooling my children. I went to public school. I received an excellent education. I think this is more of a parents need to wake up and protest this loudly. Isn’t there a group of ‘Not in our School” that is supposed to stop this sort of actions?
      I literally starting reaching how to run for the school board after reading all this yesterday. I have a few years before my kids are in school, so I hope and pray this is over by the time they do go to school. However, I will make damn sure that I do everything to keep it out our schools.

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  3. @SMART COOKIE – I agree with what you are saying about the cost and the time involved with the school options.

    I was really surprised that Normal residents re-elected Koos for Mayor, so it seems that “change” is really difficult on the local level.

    WIth regard to the tuition costs for private school, I believe your children are worth the cost!
    There is a visible trend with parents who are making the choice to home school – and that means the home school options will be more mature and readily available for you (when your kids are old enough to attend school.)

    Besides, if the school enrollment decreases – so should the school budget, right? And maybe there will be some relief to the tax payers (the biggest chunk of my real estate taxes go straight to the public school boards budget = out of my checking account and into the School Board’s checking account)

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  4. There are so many holes in this law, that I can already smell the lawsuits. WHEN did schools QUIT teaching and become “festering grounds” for ALL the lame brained leftist stupidity?? Transgender, 1619, Cancel Culture, etc.

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  5. This sickness is beyond comprehension, my daughters were athletes 18-20 yea
    in the district 230 high school system if some sick dude entered their locker room/shower I would have punched him out and if necessary, his momma and pappa and definitely the administrators AD gym teachers and coaches. This is disgusting. It is amazing when you are a public employee paid for 100% by the private sector that you sacrifice any sense of responsibility or American values for the dollars earned in the private sector to pay your obscene salaries and pensions. No shame. Destroy America. Marxism.

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