The Connect Transit Disconnect: emails

By:  Diane Benjamin We know Connect Transit had plans to buy huge electric buses regardless of what the Working Group reported about the size of buses needed: We know Connect Transit fabricated a response in order to delay my FOIA request: I did receive the FOIA last Friday, 633 pages of the […]

The Huge News!

No, I’m not moving to either Bloomington or Normal and I’m NOT running for office. This story is about YOU. I started writing this site in April of 2012 only because I saw how bad the local media was.  Today most are even worse.  The majority of them hate this site without ever reading any […]

Why recycle?

By:  Diane Benjamin Saturday mornings are a big drop off time for recycling behind the Normal Walmart.  There are two large bins for cardboard – both were 95% full this morning. The one for containers was totally full, the No Bags sign is immaterial evidently. The one for mixed paper had a little room so people […]