Pekin didn’t need a cannabis task force

By:  Diane Benjamin



The Pekin City Council approved an ordinance imposing a 3% sales tax on cannabis sales during Monday’s meeting.

The tax will be in addition to other local sales taxes collected by the city.

“Collection of municipal sales taxes on the sale of cannabis would not start until September 2020,” said Pekin City Manager Mark Rothert. “However, it is anticipated that legislation will be brought forth in the upcoming veto session of the Illinois General Assembly to amend the act to allow for the collection of sales taxes starting Jan. 1 of 2020. In anticipation of this amendment, the Illinois Municipal League has advised cities to adopt any desired sales tax on cannabis prior to Oct. 1, so the Illinois Department of Revenue has time to process such changes.”

Bloomington and Normal both missed that deadline!

More Excerpts:

Rothert added that the ordinance will simply establish a tax rate on cannabis sales. It does not guarantee that recreational cannabis facilities will be allowed in Pekin.

The council amended the initial proposed ordinance to change the tax rate from 2% to 3%. Another amendment earmarked 60% of the revenue generated for the city’s firefighters pension fund and 40% for the police pension fund. The amended ordinance passed by a 4-2 margin, with City Council members Karen Hohimer and John Abel voting against the measure and Council member Michael Garrison abstaining.

In other action, the Council changed the Zoning Board of Appeal to an advisory body instead of the final word.  What took them so long?

8 thoughts on “Pekin didn’t need a cannabis task force

  1. None of this will be a mystery once the location of the dispensaries are made public and who will run them. Expect indoor growing facilities to be part of the deal as well. Rest assured, Renner, Carrillo and Koos cronies will be well taken of. By the way, what is the status of Tari’s p-card investigation?

    1. Since Jason Chambers refused to prosecute when he was State’s Attorney, the case got passed on to the Appellate court Prosecutor. They even requested additional investigation from the State Police. It has been sitting in their office ever since. There is no justice in Illinois.

  2. Are not toxic weed retailers cash only operations. How are the City fathers and City mothers of Pekin dealing with this potential quirk ? What proof is a city, county,or state Revenue Agent going to require ? I assume that a buyer will receive a receipt with the date, price, and net weight on it. Are they going to ask you at the dealership if you would like your receipt e-mailed or texted to you ?

    1. They are currently cash only however the US house of representatives just passed the SAFE banking act so state legal dispensaries (yes all still federally illegal) can have access to banking and customers can use credit and debit cards. This is not through the Senate or signed to my knowledge. Next step congress is working on is taking it off the schedule one list so legitimate research can be done.

  3. Task force for pot? Lol. Peeps been smokin’ and dealin’ pot for decades. They don’t need no STUPID task force. More bureaucrats, more red tape, more ignorance.

  4. Well, leftists LOVE to form committees and “task forces” and hold LOTS of meetings, its a BIG part of their social lives. They also LOVE investigations, (NOT into any of THEIR dealings though of course) and to form “investigative committees” this makes the not so bright think they are REALLY on top of things and doing their best for the people. It gets very very tedious. They also LOVE to hire “outside consultants” about EVERYTHING, and pay them ludicrous amounts of money for basically NOTHING, of course there is always a crony connection either right out in the open or on the down low. BloNo is now run mostly by prissy elitist leftists who LOVE to have lots of little meetings both formal and informal and then go sip wine in some little expensive wine bar or the like (to keep the places open is my guess) So of COURSE they need to form a “task force” you know for “oversight” and “planning”…

  5. City council worried about pot , but are letting the taft homes move into illegal prefab housing on derby st and without holding a public meeting by law

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