Pekin didn’t need a cannabis task force

By:  Diane Benjamin Source: Excerpts: The Pekin City Council approved an ordinance imposing a 3% sales tax on cannabis sales during Monday’s meeting. The tax will be in addition to other local sales taxes collected by the city. “Collection of municipal sales taxes on the sale of cannabis would not start until September 2020,” […]

Cannabis Task force will be a joke

By:  Diane Benjamin The Downtown Task Force was a joke, the vast majority of people did not want to build a  new library and bus transfer station by tearing down a parking garage.  Tari claimed the Budget Task force was a success, it proved that Council was incapable of making any cuts.  Huge success Tari.  […]

More things that don’t fit anywhere else:

By:  Diane Benjamin Chris Koos’ bike shop sells electric bikes. These bikes can reach speeds of 30 MPH, but they are not banned on Constitution Trail.  Signs on the trail say “No Motorized Vehicles”, so why are electric allowed?  Safety doesn’t matter?  Aren’t some bikers on the trail already a hazard?  How is “electric” […]

Switching to Bloomington last night

By:  Diane Benjamin No one showed up for Public Comment last night at the Bloomington meeting! There is A LOT more to cover about Normal, I will get back to that meeting eventually. First on the Agenda was a presentation from VenuWorks.  I have no idea why this presentation is allowed instead of the AUDITED […]

Bloomington: Carrillo clipped

By:  Diane Benjamin Consent Agenda: 23:40 – Donna Boelen pulled the purchase of the garbage trucks to talk about the Henson Disposal bills.  She wanted clarification on why Henson was getting thousands a week from the City.  She asked if the contracts will expire soon so they can be renegotiated.  City Manager Gleason said internal […]

What’s Bloomington doing Monday?

By:  Diane Benjamin See PDF pages 116-121.  All Amazon purchases totaling $12,498.95 with no hint of what was purchased. More unidentified Amazon purchases totaling $11,299.12 are listed on PDF pages 107-110. In between are wire transfers we used to get an explanation for. Did you get the full color BCPA show listing brochure? BCPA […]

Bloomington meeting was PAINFUL

By:  Diane Benjamin Public comment: Most of the speakers were there to talk about video gambling.  A big fear of the local business owners is the State of Illinois raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.  Even though democrats think business owners have stashes of cash in the back room, they don’t.  Many of […]