Cannabis Task force will be a joke

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Downtown Task Force was a joke, the vast majority of people did not want to build a  new library and bus transfer station by tearing down a parking garage.  Tari claimed the Budget Task force was a success, it proved that Council was incapable of making any cuts.  Huge success Tari.  The Connect Transit working group is a joke, tonight their Board will approve ordering huge heavy electric buses and awarding a contract to study locations for a downtown transfer station:

ct wg ugh

Normal is under-represented thanks to Chris Koos, the Working Group hasn’t made any recommendations yet, but Connect Transit charges ahead anyway.

The Cannabis Task Force will come back with their recommendations, the results are predetermined by who Tari appointed.  Expect downtown sales locations preferred and cannabis tourism promoted.  Since a large contingent of Black Lives Matters was present last night, the question remains as to what they want to see this Task Force do.  Legalize smoking weed in public?  Legalize the black market?  We don’t know, other than they have a representative picked by Renner.

The conversation started around 29:00 when Donna Boelen pulled approving Tari’s picks for the Task Force was pulled from the Consent Agenda.  Donna and Kim Bray voted no being consistent with their opposition to creating the Task Force in the first place.  Both felt the Council was capable of doing the job themselves.  Jenn Carrillo wants Bloomington to be a cannabis tourism mecca.  With her and Black Lives Matter steering the conversation this Task Force will also be a joke.

Side note:  Kirk Allen and I talked to City attorney Jeff Jurgens before the meeting.  The topic of cannabis discussions that took place at the Illinois Municipal League conference came up.  He made it clear nobody has any idea how the new law will play out.  Many cities are opting to not allow sales, it isn’t worth the trouble it will cause.  Bloomington won’t be one of them.

The monthly Finance Director’s Report was presented around 1:08:40.  The Utilities Tax is behind budget, the City claims due to people removing their home phones.  Since this tax supports pension expenses that will be increasing dramatically, expect a Utilities Tax increase in the future to compensate.


16 thoughts on “Cannabis Task force will be a joke

  1. I say we turn the JudyDome into a giant pot smokers den. It could be the biggest thing that B-N has ever seen. Sell bongs and pipes, papers and screens. Sell tye-dyed shirts with a stoned out Renner-Koos collage. Let the local artists sell their wares, for a fee. Finally! FINALLY the JudyDome might turn a buck or two. Yeee-haaaaa!

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    1. I’ve always thought that it (the coliseum) would make a FANTASTIC mead hall!

      I’m sure you’re asking, ‘Why a mead hall? Didn’t those die out with the Vikings and Valhalla?”

      In a word, yes.

      I would submit that by dedicating this structure to be a fully enclosed authentic mead hall (complete with appropriate runes and talismans), we would have the only one in these United States. Alas, we would then have something TRULY unique!

      You have no idea how many miles people would travel to see the severed arm of Grendel (you really don’t) – ripped off his evil monstrous form by Beowulf himself!

      YES! A mighty mead hall, tall and bright!

      A place where ALL could gather and tell of mighty deeds and greater glory – with boisterous voices, in song and story!

      Thank you for the attention and consideration you have given to this utterly preposterous proposal.

      Please enjoy your evening.

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  2. I just sent a text to Howard Packowitz with WJBC suggesting that since the Normal Bus transfer station is only 2.3 miles from the Bloomington proposed site that is no justification for building another transfer site

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  3. Some states that went legal on marijuana have added language to the rules and regs that require a portion of taxes/fees be earmarked for social justice matters/reforms related to marijuana incarceration. I suspect this might be of interest to BLM.

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  4. Continue to observe as your life and the lives of your love ones are destroyed by these mentally sick political hacks. If Carrillo is really displaying a Mexican flag at her council seat, she should be questioned by fellow council members as to her loyalty. I believe this woman is truly mentally ill and anti-American to the core like some Congress women from New York and Minnesota. There is little doubt in my mind there is a movement afloat to politically take over all of McLean County financed by subversives from Chicago. Renner is also anti-American and battling mental illness. His absence as mayor for several weeks was never explained and swept under the rug. Renner, Koos, Crabill, Cummings and Carrillo have been planted in local political positions of power for a reason. The BN economy has become a joke, taxes are affecting locals buying power and silly stuff like marijuana legalization gets top priority in government. All this activity is no accident.


    1. Meanwhile, State Farm is backing up the moving trucks. The local economy is a joke and will eventually consist of just government, quasi-government, and non-profit industries.

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  5. Any way the pot issue goes,death will follow. My little crystal ball sees more death by car and the crime rate will skyrocket as well. Smoking POT? I thought smoking was banned in public places? Pot smoke just as dangerous as cig smoke!


    1. ALL marijuana users in Illinois–included the so called “medical” users up to a couple years ago–are CRIMINALS. By definition. NEVER forget that! It’s an attitude. It’s a value system. It’s a comment on their morality. Coming soon to the head-on collisions on the streets near you. And $15 an hour stoners spitting in your food at McDonalds.


      1. Both of my parents were criminals, they drank during prohibition. Everyone who exceeds the speed limit is a criminal. It would seem that all of us are in some way criminals.
        jim h.

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    2. DJ, a child died in Michigan recently from ingesting edible cannabis. There are serious concerns that need to be taken into account. Most tax revenue will be used up with regulating and social justice programs.


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