Captain America Strikes Again!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I drove by the Creativity Center on my way to the Bloomington Council meeting last night.  The signs on the north side of the building are no longer there!  City Manager Tim Gleason has not responded to my email.  Evidently removing the signs is his response:

If you watch City Council meetings you will notice Tari Renner makes a point of saying the Council doesn’t respond to speakers at Public Comment.  Last night I spoke and he did respond to me.  Listen at 13:30.

I spoke after Kirk Allen of Edgar County Watchdogs.  We have reason to believe the Bloomington Police Department is covering up the behavior of an officer who recently resigned.   My parting comment was concerning the many members of Black Lives Matter in the audience, maybe they have a point when they accuse the police of unfair treatment.

Tari’s comment back was “Call Ripley’s”.  I assume he meant Ripley’s Believe It or Not.  Anybody think he is taking this seriously?  It appears Captain America doesn’t care!

Captain America