Normal West Parents:

By: Diane Benjamin Did you get this email? Greetings Wildcats! You are being contacted in hopes you might allow your student to participate in a research study being conducted by Tyra Jackson at ISU. If your adolescent chooses to participate, they will be asked to complete a 5-minute online survey and a few activities during […]

Road Trip Gas prices

by: Diane Benjamin Hudson Il on Sunday: 20 miles north of the Illinois border – Clinton Wisconsin Friday: Belvidere Il – Sunday. Unleaded $3.95 (south of the above) Costco was by far the winner: Other area stations were at $3.389. We didn’t see any gas over $3.60 anywhere in Wisconsin. Both the Wisconsin Sales Tax […]

Bloomington needs to explain this:

By: Diane Benjamin Yes, I received this list by FOIA. Below is a list of properties where water appears to be shut off because there aren’t any current bills, at least that’s the policy. They all show past due amounts over 120 days. If even the first 10 pages (49 per page) have water shut […]

Cities 92.9 in the Washington Post 😁

By: Diane Benjamin The Washington Post, or as Mark Levin calls them – the Washington Compost, printed a story about Cities 92.9: Everything you need to know about the Washington Post can be summed up by looking at the top stories on their website this morning: The Washington Post if obviously a mouthpiece […]

Bloomington: Here’s what you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington spends a fortune on Information Technology: PDF page 165 . Spending MILLIONS of dollars every year should mean first class access to data. It doesn’t! Bloomington doesn’t know how many landlords were forced to pay bills for tenants a previous City Council said they didn’t have to pay. Bloomington doesn’t […]

Bloomington: Show some compassion

By: Diane Benjamin Jelani Day’s mom spoke at Public Comment last night via phone. Carmen Bolden-Day still has no answers more than a year after her son disappeared and was later found in the Illinois River. Carmen claimed she hasn’t been able to talk to investigators since February. She also talked about the handling of […]

Bloomington: So much for short meetings

By: Diane Benjamin The meeting length will be determined by what is pulled from the Consent Agenda – it’s long. It’s difficult to understand why some Enterprise Funds have to balance or you get tax increases to make up the difference, but Capital Funds can be used to buy 3 new movers for the golf […]

Judges up for retention

By: Diane Benjamin 3 judges are on the ballot for retention. Probably all 3 will be retained because voters really don’t believe in term limits even though they say they do: Mark Fellheimer is the Chief judge. Close to a month ago I asked the Circuit Clerk Don Everhart to approve press credentials for me, […]

Was Standardized Testing Optional when you were in school?

By: Diane Benjamin This graph shows the percent of Unit 5 students who participated in Standardized Testing in 2021: If you click the link you can view the rate for various years. In 2019 it was 99% for English Language Arts and Math, 96% for Science. 2020 has no data. Next look at 9th […]

Is Unit 5 electioneering?

By: Diane Benjamin Where did the Vote Yes committee get your cell phone number? From Unit 5? I know people receiving texts who believe they couldn’t have come from anyone else. That’s illegal Unit 5, luckily Illinois doesn’t have prosecutors who care. This was texted Thursday night, h/t a reader: At best this graph is […]

Election lies: Chung and Koehler

By: Diane Benjamin A reader sent this mailer to me, evidently Chung and Koehler want to win by conning voters: Since reforming pensions isn’t the Constitutional Amendment on the ballot, democrats will not be cutting property taxes. They won’t be giving more money to schools so they can cut property taxes because close to 25% […]

New BCPA reports, you expected better?

By: Diane Benjamin For a change I didn’t have to FOIA the reports. New reports have been posted to the City website, these represent the beginning of a new season. They aren’t off to a good start if you believe entertainment shouldn’t be subsidized by people who can’t afford to attend: Loss: $13,792.88 Performance […]

Bloomington: MESSY website!

By: Diane Benjamin Monday’s Bloomington City Council meeting was SHORT. The video is only 33 minutes and 21 seconds. The stated purpose of the Committee of the Whole meeting was reviewing the Council Retreat. Mboka showed some slides, evidently the video is the only place to see them. The City website has a Documents tab: […]

Normal is buying 2 Rivian vehicles and NOT telling you the cost

By: Diane Benjamin PDF page 69: Remember when Pam Reece claimed buying these vehicles was not in the 5 year budget? Ha Ha. Remember the Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Fund where they stockpile your money so they can pay cash? Remember when they decided to LEASE 30 vehicles instead of paying cash? Remember […]

UPDATE: Ever heard of CO2 Pipelines?

A CO2 pipeline in Mississippi did break: A reader emailed me that landowners in McLean County have been contacted about allowing CO2 to be stored in rock beneath their property. NONE have agreed to this scheme. Another reader told me a leak could affect the Mahomet Aquifer. By: Diane Benjamin If you haven’t you […]

Vote NO: Amendment 1

By: Diane Benjamin Reforming pensions should be the Constitutional amendment on the November 8th ballot. It isn’t, that is more than enough reason to vote NO on the amendment that is on the ballot. Pension debt keeps rising as it eats at least 25% of the State budget. Fixing pensions isn’t ever a priority! The […]

Unit 5 tax increase – fewer students!

By: Diane Benjamin Enrollment last year: Unit 5 just posted the new enrollment: 197 fewer students, but they need more money. Did you know Income Inequality is higher in Blue States than Red? Before voting on Unit 5’s demand for more money, see what they did with the money they already have: That […]